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Bitcoin Atom (BCA) is a SegWit enabled Bitcoin fork with atomic swaps, hybrid consensus and lightning network.
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Bitcoin Atom News:
  • Developers Test Cross-Blockchain Protocol for One-Way ERC20-Bitcoin LN Atomic Swaps
    An R&D lab at crypto startup TenX has demoed the use of its cross-blockchain interoperability protocol to transfer ERC20 tokens for Bitcoin using the Lightning Network ... read more
  • Report: Swiss City of Zug Named Fastest Growing Tech Hub in Europe
    The city of Zug, home of the Swiss Crypto Valley, has been named the fastest growing technology community in Europe. Zug ranked atop the “State of European Tech” report by London-based global investment firm Atomico last week, on the strength of its year-on-year growth of attendees to tech-related meetup events. ... read more
    Bitcoin News12-09-2018
  • Eight Reasons to Use Cryptocurrency Payments in 2019
    This article on cryptocurrency payments was written by Thomas Highwater, who is an avid fan of all things crypto-related. Mr. Highwater teaches high-school level robotics and programming. *** While there is a growing number of fiat based-payment processors with a variety of practical tools and methods of payment, adding cryptocurrency ... read more
    Bitcoin News12-09-2018
  • Bitfinex Adds Four Stablecoins Including GUSD and USDC
    Bitfinex, together with its sister exchange Ethfinex, has announced the introduction of four new stablecoins. The additions take the platforms’ total number of dollar-pegged tokens to six and provide a reassuring range of tether alternatives for traders. Trustless, Ethfinex’s decentralized exchange (DEX), will also be listing all six, including the ... read more
    Bitcoin News12-04-2018
  • Atomicpay Launches Private Beta of Digital Currency Payment Gateway
    Startup announced the beta launch of its cryptocurrency payment gateway on Dec. 3, with support for six different digital assets. The payment processor eliminates third parties and allows merchants to accept cryptocurrencies in a noncustodial fashion. Also read: US Law Enforcement Wants Blockchain Surveillance Tools for Privacy Coins Developers Launch Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway The private ... read more
    Bitcoin News12-04-2018
  • BCH Upgrades: What’s New and What’s Next
    It’s been two weeks since the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork that upgraded the BCH chain and resulted in a blockchain split. But although many people have been focusing on the birth of Bitcoin SV, a number of BCH proponents are already moving forward and discussing the network’s latest upgrades, as ... read more
    Bitcoin News11-28-2018
  • BitPay Warns Users to Move Funds to New Wallets Amid Malicious Code Outbreak
    Global Bitcoin payment service BitPay has warned customers of a vulnerability on a third-party NodeJS package used by the Copay and BitPay apps which could be used to capture users’ private keys. The company said the malicious code was deployed on versions 5.0.2 through 5.1.0 of its Copay and BitPay apps. BitPay recommended ... read more
    Yes, I agree there are many different projects worth mentioning and I will write an article discussing the ones I consider to be the most promising, their advantages and problems. But for now, let’s focus on Bitcoin. Not because of price, but due to adoption: no other cryptocurrency has as ... read more
  • A Wallet Provider Develops Service for Minting “Meta Coins” Pegged by Real Bitcoin
    In an effort to create a financial ecosystem around the wallet application, SovereignWallet company develops what it calls the “Algorithmic central bank” for the platform, along with the “Meta blockchain”, capable of using different protocols. Combined, these services allow any user to issue a valuable token and convert it into ... read more
  • Bchd Developers Announce Neutrino Wallet for Bitcoin Cash in Beta
    Named after the subatomic particle that can pass right through the entire planet without being detected, neutrino is meant to be a lightweight wallet with enhanced privacy features. And Bchd developers are now bringing it over to the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ecosystem in beta mode. Also Read: Thai Central Banker: ... read more
    Bitcoin News11-20-2018