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ARK provides users, developers, and startups with innovative blockchain technologies. ARK is a secure platform designed for mass adoption and will deliver the services that consumers want and developers need.
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  • COBINHOOD Review: All About the World’s First Zero Fee Crypto Exchange
    What is COBINHOOD? COBINHOOD is a crypto exchange which markets itself as being the first zero fees cryptocurrency exchange in the world. The CEO and founder of COBINHOOD is Popo Chen who is a serial entrepreneur. Its co-founder and CTO is Wei-Ning Huang who has worked for three years at ... read more
  • Cryptocurrency Markets Consolidate Near 2018 Low
    The drama surrounding the recent Bitcoin Cash fork has comprised the catalyst for significant action across the cryptocurrency market, with both BCH and BTC posting new lows for 2018 on Nov. 15. Meanwhile, XRP has again overtaken ETH to rank as the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Also Read: Crypto ... read more
    Bitcoin News11-18-2018
  • Crypto Markets See Flush of Green as Bitcoin Moves Closer to $5,600
    After the mid-week market sell-off, markets are today seeing a flush of green, and Ripple continues its ascent upwards ... read more
  • In 2017 Bitcoin Went From $5.5k to $19k in 33 Days, Not Impossible in 2019
    Mainstream media, renowned economists and other crypto critics have killed Bitcoin more than 300 times since its launch. But the digital currency always come back from the dead. Every bitcoin crash from the past has witnessed a surge in crypto-doomsday theories. As a relatively new market, BTC charts do not ... read more
  • Smart Contract Developers May Be Held Liable by the SEC
    Nick Szabo invented them but has reservations about what they’ve become. Vitalik Buterin adopted them but now regrets using their name. Dangerous when coded badly, and powerful when used intelligently, smart contracts have become a critical component of the cryptoconomy. Their code serves as the bond that glues the tokenized ... read more
    Bitcoin News11-18-2018
  • XRP Technical Analysis: The short term bull trend stays stronger with 8% hike in a day
    The cryptocurrency market seems to be slowly gaining traction after the massive bear hit which took place last week. The price of Bitcoin [BTC], which had touched as low as $5,358 on 15th November is gradually increasing. At the time of writing, BTC is trading at $5,593 and has shown ... read more
  • Bitcoin Opinion: A Cycle Coming To An End
    If you follow cryptocurrencies for a while you start finding weird and interesting patterns, scattered around a variety of technical data. It may not seem like much, but sometimes looking away from price into other statistics can give you a refreshing view on the market. Bearish trends can tell us ... read more
  • XRP Price Recovers from November 14 Cryptocurrency Market Slump
    XRP is currently back to its price level before the sudden market slump that occurred last Wednesday. The second-ranked cryptocurrency leads a positive trading day for the broader cryptocurrency market after a difficult last few days. XRP up by Seven Percent After Wednesday’s crash which saw prices slide by an ... read more
    Ethereum World News11-18-2018
  • The Crypto Markets Recover Upside-Down
    submitted by /u/DashMeIfYouCan [link] [comments] ... read more
  • Crypto Week In Review: Bitcoin ETP Launches In Switzerland, KuCoin Scores $20M
    Unfortunately, as cryptocurrencies capitulated throughout the week, losing upwards of 15-20% of their value, so did the news cycle. However, it isn’t all doom and gloom, as there were still a handful of developments indicating that the crypto and blockchain industry is far from dead in the water. Amun Launches ... read more