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  • Survey: Nearly Half of Millennial Traders Have More Faith in Crypto Than Stock Market
    Nearly half of millennial traders have more faith in cryptocurrency exchanges than they do in traditional ones. They are also enthusiastic about the prospect of traditional financial institutions offering crypto assets. That’s according to a new survey which shows a “generational shift” where millennials “place their faith in the power ... read more
    Bitcoin News02-20-2019
  • Looking for STO to invest in? Check out renewable energy project WindMine
    TLDR - WindMine wants to build a wind park in a solid location - a real project with real assets and revenue. Funds will be raised by issuing debt bonds on the blockchain. Project have all needed permits to start construction! Retail investors welcomed! ​ Windmine aims ... read more
  • Costa Rica: A Rising Crypto Paradise?
    Much has been written about the unfriendly regulation, stance or even criminalization of cryptocurrencies that some countries have adopted. Indeed, Bangladesh has taken its war on crypto to the next level by passing laws which enable cryptocurrency holders to be sentenced to 12 years in prison. Other countries like Switzerland, ... read more
  • Eco-Friendly Mining and Cloud Rendering? Meet azultec
    AZULTEC The easiest way to earn crypto currencies! www.azultec.de From the most efficient miner to the most potent cloud rendering solution! PROJECT DESCRIPTION Anyone interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchains knows that cloud computing and crypto-mining demands huge amounts of energy. This causes problems for many enthusiasts to effectively ... read more
  • The Largest Barrier to Enterprise Blockchain Adoption with a thought on Tapping the SME’s
    = IMPLEMENTATION COSTS - NOT JUST $$$ - Labour Capacity - Time to Integrate - Time to Optimize [ Familiarize, Handle Errors, Handling Support ] - Operational Trade-Offs [ Subject to Industry + Primary Revenues ] - Macroeconomic Pressures - Of course.. $ Overhead ... read more
  • Charlie Lee: Litecoin (LTC) To Soon Have Confidential Transactions for Fungibility
    Charlie Lee, via twitter, announced that the Litecoin foundation has plans of implementing confidential transactions on the network to make LTC more fungible. He stated that fungibility was the only feature missing from both Litecoin and Bitcoin. The tweet making the announcement can be found below.
    Fungibility ... read more
    Ethereum World News01-29-2019
  • Back to Basics: What Is Money?
    Our current economic system can be compared to a merry-go-round that has us consuming, trapped in debt and spending as quickly as we earn. What is fiat currency? Why do we use it and who controls it? And how does it compare to gold and bitcoin? It is worth going back ... read more
    Bitcoin News01-28-2019