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A decentralized platform which allows the creation and implementation of smart contracts and decentralized applications.
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    Facebook’s foray into the virtual currency world ignited the interest of several messaging giants. Some like Signal and Telegram followed suit, while others looked at the tremors a payment-centric, crypto-specific project would cause to the global economy. Ted Livingston, the chief executive and founder of the Kik messaging platform equated ... read more
  • JPMorgan Executives Flip Bullish on Crypto After JPM Coin Release
    It’s no secret that the executives sitting at the top of JPMorgan Chase – one of the largest banks in the world – are not the biggest fans of Bitcoin and other similar cryptocurrencies. Although the bank’s distain towards the nascent technology initially appeared to be genuine – and possibly ... read more
  • JP Morgan Exec: More Partnership Than Competition Between Banks and Crypto
    A JP Morgan Chase executive has put forth an interesting compromise between cryptocurrency and the banking framework–two industries that have long been put at odds. Speaking in an interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box on Mar. 20, JP Morgan’s Global Head of eCommerce Solutions Ron Karpovich made the claim that ... read more
    Ethereum World News03-20-2019
  • Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Snaps Up Trezor To Store Bitcoin (BTC)
    Dorsey Looks To Secure Bitcoin (BTC) Stash Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey is back to shilling the cryptocurrency space yet again. Most recently, Dorsey took to his personal feed to reveal that he bought a hardware storage device from Trezor, a leading cryptocurrency wallet provider, through the Cash App, ... read more
    Ethereum World News03-09-2019
  • Internet Pioneer Kaspersky: Digital Currencies (Likely Not Bitcoin) To Replace Banknotes
    Bitcoin Unlikely To Replace Fiat Since Bitcoin (BTC) was thrust into this world, its most fervent advocates understood that it was created to be a digital alternative to the incumbent financial system. While this underlying raison d’etre has been upheld over time, some pundits claim that the cryptocurrency won’t replace ... read more
    Ethereum World News03-05-2019
  • Twitter CEO Is Buying $10,000 In Bitcoin Each Week: Why Is He So Optimistic?
    Since hinting at his undying support for the crypto space in late-2017 and early-2018, Jack Dorsey has become somewhat of a mythical figure for Bitcoin holders the world over. But after going radio silent on the matter of Bitcoin (BTC) for a handful of months, the chief executive of both ... read more
  • #DeleteCoinbase the most critical thing going on right now
    Let's face it, the internet has been disastrous for the surveillance capabilities it has opened up to corrupt authority around the globe. This is not because of the design of it, but because everyone chooses to do all their "private" communication through facebook messenger, gmail, or some other ... read more