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TopCoin is a hybrid cryptocurrency launched in September of 2014.
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  • The Most Important Aspect of Bitcoin Is the Separation of Money and State
    Many cryptocurrency supporters believe the technology allows for the separation of money and state in a manner that’s never been seen before. Governments inflict two forms of robbery against nonviolent citizens by forcing them to pay taxes while also stealing from them silently through inflation. Now there’s a wide array ... read more
    Bitcoin News08-18-2019
  • Bakkt Is Good For Bitcoin And Ethereum Too – The Market Hasn’t Priced That In Yet
    Bakkt’s bitcoin futures and custody platform launch on 23 September is a shot in the arm for crypto, but in addition to boosting bitcoin it could also raise the profile of Ethereum. The long-awaited physically settled futures should qualitatively shift market composition toward greater institutional influence. A crypto ... read more
    Ethereum World News08-18-2019
  • Philippines Increasingly Crypto Friendly – A Look at Driving Forces
    There are many reasons why the Philippines is becoming increasingly crypto-friendly. Not only has its central bank registered more crypto exchanges recently, but the Securities and Exchange Commission has also been actively finalizing crypto guidelines. The country has an active crypto community, and one of its largest banks has engaged ... read more
    Bitcoin News08-17-2019
  • How Coinbase Quietly Became the World’s Biggest Bitcoin Bank
    On August 15, the San Francisco-based digital currency exchange Coinbase announced that it had acquired the cryptocurrency custody service Xapo’s institutional branch. The business move puts Coinbase in the limelight, making it the largest custodial service for digital assets worldwide, with more than $7 billion under custody. Also Read: Hong ... read more
    Bitcoin News08-16-2019
  • Binance US Crypto Exchange Could Launch in Two Months, But No New York
    The US division of leading crypto exchange Binance could go live before November according to its enigmatic CEO, Changpeng Zhao. The regulated fiat to crypto exchange would serve American customers that are increasingly getting excluded from other exchanges. In an interview with Cheddar this week ‘CZ’ said a lot of ... read more
  • Social Network Memo Adds Decentralized SLP Token Exchange
    The Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP), a token creation system built on top of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network continues to mature as developers have released a number of third-party applications that support SLP tokens. Now the onchain, BCH-based social network has implemented an SLP token exchange allowing people to ... read more
    Bitcoin News08-14-2019
  • Altcoin Chainlink On-Chain Activity Makes It A Standout In Crypto Market
    The crypto market is a new and emerging asset class that – due to the various innovation factors, its speculative nature, and the technological intricacies of each individual coin – makes assigning a value to any altcoins exceedingly difficult to pinpoint with any sort of accuracy. Crypto analysts use a ... read more
  • PR: Decentralized Recurring Crypto Payments System Launched by Monarch Blockchain
    Online service providers like Netflix and Hulu can now accept crypto for memberships and subscription services through an easy-to-integrate decentralized payment solution BLOCKCHAIN FUTURIST CONFERENCE — TORONTO — Aug 13, 2019 — Monarch, the decentralized wallet and suite of crypto services, has launched the first decentralized recurring payments system Until ... read more
    Bitcoin News08-13-2019
  • Top Low Market Cap Gems to Add to Your 2019 Crypto Portfolio
    Looking at Crypto Gems that are extremely undervalued and offering groundbreaking tech with real life implications. There's no denying that majority of Altcoins are overvalued, with there being no real use-cases to justify such valuation. Most of the time when potential investors look for a cryptocurrency to invest ... read more
  • How Bridging Blockchains Unlocks Value and Unites Crypto Tribes
    Interoperability is a multisyllabic word for a multi-faceted problem. How do you get blockchains to communicate with one another? Until recently, there’s been no easy way to achieve this, leaving assets isolated and smart contract-powered dapps siloed on their respective protocols. Before crypto assets can take over the world, first ... read more
    Bitcoin News08-12-2019