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A Web 3.0 network for decentralized applications giving developers powerful and easy to implement smart contract solutions for practical use cases.
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  • Bitcoin (BTC) Validation as Jamie Dimon’s Sentiment Shift
    Bitcoin prices ranging with clear supports at $3,400-500 zone JP Morgan and Chase rolls out a stable coin, JPM Transactional volumes average 10k, not enough to trigger buyers into action With the release of a banker’s stable coin, JPM Coin, crypto is technically valid. As such, we expect more bankers ... read more
  • Even During Nuclear Winter, the Largest Crypto Asset Manager Controls Nearly $1 Billion
    Cryptocurrencies have continued to stumble, but one organization has been making promising strides in the back offices of the Bitcoin space. Grayscale Investments, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the crypto conglomerate that is the New York-based Digital Currency Group, revealed that its products secured millions in investment amid the so-called “crypto winter.” ... read more
  • Newsflash: Amazon Leads Massive $700 Million Funding Round in Tesla Competitor Rivian
    Elon Musk and Tesla had better watch out because tech conglomerate Amazon just led a massive $700 million funding round in electric vehicle competitor Rivian. Amazon Leads Major Funding Round in EV Startup Rivian The Michigan-based Rivian has sought to carve out a segment of the burgeoning electric vehicle market ... read more
  • Crypto Diehard Novogratz: Big Brother’s Presence Is Bullish For Bitcoin (BTC)
    Big Brother Is Here, And That’s Good For Crypto Bitcoin’s value proposition has taken a number of forms over the project’s decade-long lifespan. While theses regarding the de-facto “digital gold” status of Bitcoin (BTC) have become popular, what has slipped under the radar is the value that the cryptocurrency poses ... read more
    Ethereum World News02-15-2019
  • Bitcoin [BTC]: Lightning Torch gains momentum as Binance’s CZ and Erik Voorhees participate
    The cryptocurrency ecosystem has recently been very active in the development and growth of Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. The introduction of Lightning Network has been getting more and more attention due to ever-increasing support for an improved rate of adoption. Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance exchange recently tweeted through his support ... read more
  • BCH-Powered Badger Wallet Now Connects to a Variety of Blockchain Apps
    Since its inception, the bitcoin cash (BCH) light client Badger Wallet has become one of the most versatile BCH platforms. Over the last few weeks, Badger developers have added a slew of new features including Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) support and integration with projects like Satoshi Dice and Also ... read more
    Bitcoin News02-14-2019
  • Bitcoin’s Social Contract Must Be Resilient to the Whims of Future Generations
    Over the last few years, infighting and different visions has led to significant divides within the Bitcoin community, weakening the network effects no matter which chain you support. With all the arguments about scaling, privacy, consensus changes and the various forks, it is amazing that these public networks are still ... read more
    Bitcoin News02-14-2019
  • What Makes Binance the Most Profitable Crypto Exchange in a Bear Market
    Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange by volume, is also doing great in terms of profitability, its chief financial officer told CNBC. The statement follows one of the most extended bear phases in the cryptocurrency market, during which the industry lost almost one-third of its valuation. The depressive trend prompted ... read more
  • Current ICO Market Still Larger than 2017
    Cryptocurrency, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)–Despite the drastic shift in cryptocurrency fortunes over the last twenty-four months, the current Initial Coin Offering (ICO) market is still up from where it was two years ago. While cryptocurrency prices still struggle from a prolonged bear cycle, one that saw the market hit ... read more
    Ethereum World News02-13-2019
  • Tron (TRX) Ready For the $5.6 Billion South Korea’s Gaming Industry
    Tron prices slide 8.5 percent in the last week Roy Liu, the business development manager, signs a deal with two of South Korea’s gaming associations Transaction volumes low, recovery depends on bull trend resumption The Tron Foundation may be hard at work, but market dynamics are exerting pressure on TRX. ... read more