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  • My questions about Bitcoin
    I have been in crypto for maybe 1.5 years now and still have some questions, that you can hopefully answer. Could someone just try bruteforcing private keys? Wouldn’t you find someone’s private key by doing that for a long period of time eventually? Doesn’t a currency NEED inflation ... read more
  • Social Network Memo Adds Decentralized SLP Token Exchange
    The Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP), a token creation system built on top of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network continues to mature as developers have released a number of third-party applications that support SLP tokens. Now the onchain, BCH-based social network has implemented an SLP token exchange allowing people to ... read more
    Bitcoin News08-14-2019
  • Are we too afraid to say the truth?
    Recent posts here on the sub mention (example) that "big companies" are finally thinking about integrating Bitcoin, that New Zealand has recognized Bitcoin as a valid payment method for employees, etc. Very interesting developments, on the surface. But I can't help but think the following. Bitcoin (and 99% ... read more
  • Billionaire Cuban Hates Both Bitcoin and Gold, Yet Admits They’re Similar
    For a while now, a debate has been raging between Bitcoin (BTC) bulls and gold investors. The former group argues that the cryptocurrency is a proper alternative to the precious metal; the latter actively rebut this sentiment, claiming that BTC has no inherent value, unlike gold. Related Reading: Global System ... read more
  • D Community Officially Announced the Grand Opening of Its First-Round Private Investment!
    D Community, incubated by Infinity Edge Foundation, today officially announced the grand opening of its first-round private investment for D Community Infrastructure Partners, hard cap of which is $ 4.35 million. D Community, founded in 2012, is a blockchain-based pan-entertainment ecological platform consortium that includes a series of platforms, which ... read more
  • To infinity and beyond
  • Modern Warfare: You’ve Never Seen a Call of Duty Multiplayer Like This
    By CCN: Face it: No one plays Call of Duty for the single-player campaign. So gamers should take heart that the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer preview teases Infinity Ward's most ambitious multiplayer experience to date. Traditionally, the Call of Duty games have allowed for competitive multiplayer matches generally ... read more
  • WTF Call of Duty? New Killstreak FORCES Gamers to Commit War Crime
    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare fans, rejoice! Infinity Ward is bringing back killstreaks, but in keeping with the game’s controversial rollout, what should have been a universally-popular announcement has many questioning whether Activision went too far. Killstreaks were a staple of the Call of Duty franchise before they inexplicably disappeared ... read more