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A decentralized currency driven by the gaming Ionomy.
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  • Report: ‘The State of Stablecoins’ Maps the Growth of Fiat-Pegged Cryptocurrency
    A new report published this week shines a light on the stablecoin ecosystem. Authored by George Samman and Andrew Masanto in conjunction with Amazix, the report traces the rise of digital currencies against a backdrop of high inflation in 16 countries. The report claims these conditions will create a need ... read more
    Bitcoin News02-22-2019
  • Dow Smashes Through 26,000 as Trump & China Sing Kumbaya
    The Dow and U.S. stock market rebounded sharply on Friday, as President Donald Trump prepared to greet China’s top trade negotiator following a week of negotiations in Washington. Dow Roars Back to Life All of Wall Street’s major indexes reported gains on Friday and were on track for weekly increases. ... read more
  • Marijuana News Today: Pot Stocks Could Have Second Rush in Canada With Edibles
    Marijuana News Today October 17, 2019 is looking to be another big day for pot stocks as Canada sets the date for edibles to be legalized. But the marijuana news today has critics saying the proposed regulations take things too far. In what has been a common story out of ... read more
    Stock Market Advice02-22-2019
  • Here Are 3 Reasons Why Copy Trading Strategies from Other Traders Makes Sense
      Profit without the usual trading chaos as a social trader We all have to start somewhere, and trading is not an exception. Nevertheless, amateur traders with little to no previous trading experience have to master trading techniques and strategies on their own, which involves a great deal of risk. ... read more
  • Tesla Stock Enters Panic Mode after Consumer Watchdog Issues Scathing Report
    Tesla has been on a tear in ramping up production of its Model 3. However, the automaker’s efforts may be in vain. Model 3 buyers say they aren’t satisfied. Their unhappiness was reflected in an annual survey conducted by Consumer Reports. As a result, it said it could no longer recommend the ... read more
  • Ethereum (ETH) Possible March to $250, Up 22 Percent
    Ethereum prices up 22 percent from last week’s close Andreas M. Antonopoulos warns of technical community in-fighting Transaction volumes on the rise, likely to propel prices above $170 Andreas M. Antonopoulos is against the toxicity within Ethereum’s developer community. He says this can cause fragmentation and slow down Ethereum (ETH) ... read more
  • 68% of US Millennials Say High School Sucks at Stock Market Education
    The vast majority of US millennials wish that they had learned more about the stock market and other financial matters in high school, and they say that the education system failed to prepare them for real-world challenges related to personal finance. US High Schools Get Failing Grade in Stock Market ... read more
  • Bitcoin Cash [BCH]: Roger Ver joins Jack Dorsey in calling for the creation of internet’s native currency CEO and Bitcoin Cash [BCH] advocate, Roger Ver called for the creation of a native currency for the Internet, echoing the sentiments of many cryptocurrency proponents that strive for a cryptocurrency to emerge from and take over the World Wide Web. His entire statement, released by his official Twitter ... read more
  • Brian Armstrong Shares His Thoughts on The QuadrigaCX Situation
    According to various explanatory tweets, Coinbase’s CEO, Brian Armstrong, does not believe that the Canadian exchange QuadrigaCX used the death of CEO Gerald Cotte to do a so-called exit scam or mismanagement. QuadrigaCX has recently claimed that its CEO passed away with sole control over its cold wallets which contain ... read more
  • Tesla Will Be a Major Winner With a Progressive U.S.-China Trade Deal
    Tesla, the $51 billion carmaker, could be one of the biggest beneficiaries of the U.S.-China trade deal if a comprehensive agreement is reached in the near-term. In recent weeks, the U.S. and China have reportedly sped up the process of addressing core issues presented by both countries. While the current ... read more