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An end-to-end encrypted communications & payment platform with zero-knowledge tech, backed by an open-source community.
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Horizen News:

  • Zcash vulnerability could have resulted in the loss of millions of dollars
    Zcash, a leading privacy cryptocurrency in the market, recently announced that they had found counterfeiting vulnerability in the “cryptography underlying some kinds of zero-knowledge proofs”. Interestingly, this vulnerability was detected by the Zcash company in March 2018, around eleven months back. This was later fixed in October 2018 during the ... read more
  • Bitcoin Had a Fairer Launch Than Any Altcoin
    What constitutes a fair coin launch? It’s a question that has had some of the brightest minds and brashest projects in the space debating the best way to kickstart a cryptocurrency. Every crypto, Bitcoin included, has attracted criticism over a distribution schedule that favored early adopters. To date, no other ... read more
    Bitcoin News02-03-2019
  • Crypto-Stealing SIM Swapper Pleads Guilty, Gets 10 Years in Prison
    Joel Ortiz, a college student who allegedly stole cryptocurrency worth over $5 million, has pleaded guilty and accepted a 10-year prison sentence. Ortiz was arrested last year and accused of hijacking the phone numbers of around 40 people. He is now the first person to be sentenced for the crime, ... read more
    Bitcoin News02-02-2019
  • Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH] to be used as payment in over 60 adult-film websites
    The adult-film industry is looking to cryptocurrencies as a payment gateway, with several websites looking to accept virtual currencies like Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH]. Initmate.io, an adult-film start-up, is all set to launch its payment gateway based on virtual currencies next week. Over the first half of 2019, more ... read more