Fantom (ftm)

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Market cap: $20,302,632 #178
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Fantom News:

  • Lokk im drunk now but just research Fantom.
    This is THE moonshot of 2019. Antshares and NANO, and ETH all in one. Im drunk but DYOR and you post not me. im going to bed. I have 3m of these bad boys. bye...and no im not a noob, I bought dark coin when it was less ... read more
  • SharkCIA Pumpamentals Report, April 2019
    pumpamentals /'pəmp-ə-mĕnˈtls/ (noun): distinguishing qualities of a cryptocurrency deriving value from excitable facts about the project, offering opportunity for explosive technical growth due to its viral nature in social sentiment This week SharkCIA offers a glance at five asymmetrical plays with acute #pumpamentals. MoX is a ... read more
  • New dimension of exchange impact: Effect of listing announcement
    For projects on the digital asset market, being listed with good exchanges or trading platforms brings liquidity and recognition. An exchange with decent reputation could be a real value-add to cryptocurrencies it list. Therefore, after an official listing announcement is released, the price change acts as an indicator which reflects ... read more
  • Parent company clients: Amazon, Google, Facebook, Whatsapp, Salesforce and more
    Hi guys, I'm back again! This time with another great new project! Please see my previous post about LTO network on FEB. 3 2019. Yes, Febuary 3rd. I was one of the first people to talk about LTO, and I hope you took my advice last time! Because ... read more
  • Why has no-one mentioned Korean giant Fantom?
    Fantom, cannot believe it has not been mentioned, currently ranked 211 and can easily be a top 5 project at $15m marketcap. The whole crypto sphere is hyped by Fantom. I took a deep look at the project and now I'm pretty bullish too. Marketcap is still really ... read more