FTX Token (ftt)

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0.00012435 BTC
[24h] 5.11% [7d] 3.88% [1h] -0.67%
Market cap: $37,260,926 #105
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FTX Token News:

  • Token lifecycle
    I think it’s pretty clear at this point that most of the tokens that were promising and ‘nobrainer investment’ in 2017-2018 ended up to be a garbage today. Just a few examples: Cindicator (CND). A very hyped and promising project launched in mid-2017, ICO price was $0.01, ATH ... read more
  • FTX leveraged tokens will scam you
    They have huge negative convexity Basically if you are long those leveraged notes and BTC does 10000-9000-10000 or 10000-11000-10000 you are losing money. The more the market is volatile the more money you lose https://www.q-group.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Madhavan-LeverageETF.pdf Alameda founder was an ETF trader in a IB and that trick is ... read more