Just the Beginning

December 18, 2017 2:19 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Bitcoin is well on its way to becoming mainstream. Cboe was the first exchange making Bitcoin futures available for trading, and CME recently launched bitcoin futures. In case you didn’t already know, CME is the world’s largest futures exchange. Bitcoin’s market price seems to remain fairly stable and even seeing $20,000 in the following days after release of Bitcoin futures. Bitcoin going mainstream is just the beginning. Cryptocurrency, or rather, block chain technology is the future. Ethereum is the next biggest cryptocurrency in my opinion. A user on reddit gave an analogy that Bitcoin is like an app, and Ethereum is like an app store. Ethereum is basically a platform where other developers can develop an app on top of the Ethereum block chain. This is huge in that there are many use cases that could benefit from storing data on the block chain. Block chain technology will change the way we store data, transact payments, and even the way we shop. The next step in becoming mainstream is adoption.

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