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  • Japan Roundup: Public Companies Unveil New Mining Plan, Exchange, Token Fund
    Three Japanese public companies have individually made announcements regarding their cryptocurrency operations. Forside has grown its mining operation with a plan to sell 7nm bitcoin mining rigs. Farsteps is planning a Singapore exchange launch. Meanwhile, Line Corp, the operator of Japan’s most popular chat app, has added crypto price quotes ... read more
    Bitcoin News08-19-2018
  • Ripple Determined to Expand Its Business to China
    Ripple is one of the most controversial companies on the crypto sphere. Its business philosophy, as well as the programming behind its blockchain solutions, have generated an intense debate in the crypto community sparking highly antagonistic opinions about its image. The company, whose growth has allowed it to manage the ... read more
    Ethereum World News08-19-2018
  • Utrum Project Review | Your Crypto Playbook
    Before we dive into the Utrum Project Review let’s have a general look at the crypto market and the problems it faces. The cryptocurrency market has seen vast expansion in the last two years with continued increase in market capitalization and in the number of cryptocurrency coins and tokens (which ... read more
  • South African Tax Authority Going After Crypto Traders
    The South African Revenue Service is working to improve the tracking of cryptocurrency traders and their transactions in order to verify if they are paying taxes. According to its Commissioner, the agency is exploring ways to better identify those that are profiting from trading digital assets and check if they ... read more
    Bitcoin News08-19-2018
  • Tron’s (TRX) 121 Translators Get 170,000 TRX Reward
    Tron (TRX) has indicated that, so far, it has rewarded translators involved in the Crowdin Translation 170,000 TRX. The announcement came when the cryptocurrency disclosed last month’s reward, saying that the Tron community is grateful to all contributors working towards complete decentralization of the coin. At the moment, Tron has ... read more
    Ethereum World News08-19-2018
  • Chinese Retail Giant Launches Open Blockchain Platform, China’s largest retailer and e-commerce provider, has deployed an open blockchain platform to enable customers to have their own blockchain solutions to improve the transparency, efficiency and security of their operations, the company announced on its corporate blog. The JD Blockchain Open Platform expands the company’s Retail as a ... read more
  • Crypto Week In Review: The Market Remains Tumultuous Even Amid Bullish News
    While investors entered this past week expecting for the crypto market to fall further, it has become apparent that the market has temporarily staved off a move lower. Whether this recovery was a result of positive fundamentals or just a “dead cat bounce” remains to be seen. Nonetheless, this week ... read more
  • Google Play’s Anti-Crypto Mining App Policy Hasn’t Seemed To Work
    While cryptocurrency mining has historically been a task completed by powerful desktop computers or ASICs, some innovative firms have decided to create applications that allow mobile devices to mine. These apps quickly garnered popularity in the cryptosphere, as users sought to accumulate a bit of crypto change through an easy-to-use, ... read more
    Ethereum World News08-19-2018
  • Korea Roundup: Mongolian Government Visits Bithumb, New BTM, Hardware Wallet
    In South Korea, Bithumb was visited by officials of the Mongolian government. Upbit is offering free training leading up to its developer conference. A public company has unveiled a hardware wallet as it enters the crypto space. Meanwhile, hacked crypto exchange Coinrail has launched an international service for non-Korean customers, ... read more
    Bitcoin News08-18-2018
  • The future of diamonds? PURE DIAMOND enters market with revolutionary technology
    Diamonds are forever, they say. Even as the diamond market has flourished throughout generations of humankind, it is slowly being brought down by unforeseen problems. This includes issues such as the decreasing tendency of mining volume of diamonds, issues with violent conflicts, and environmental issues such as the impact on ... read more