Vault Coin (VLTC)
1.0E-8 BTC
Market cap: $2,265 #1377
Vaultcoin is a cryptocurrency with one major difference - multipool proof technologies.
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Vault Coin News:
  • Australian Firms Partner to Provide Crypto Custody Services
    Decentralised Capital, an Australian advisory firm “specializing in blockchain assets” and “asset management services,” has announced a partnership with Custodian Vaults, an Australian private vaulting company, to offer insured cryptocurrency custody services to the Australasian market. Also Read: Have You Tried Blockchain 5.0 Yet? Nobody Else Has Either Decentralised Capital and ... read more
    Bitcoin News07-15-2018
  • The Daily: Crypto-Inheritance Service, Taiwanese Stablecoin, Bitcoin Gift Cards
    Featured in today’s edition of Bitcoin in Brief are a service that allows inheritance of crypto assets and a new stablecoin launched in Taiwan. Also in our daily roundup, crypto terminals have been installed by a restaurant chain in Hong Kong, and a company now offers bitcoin gift cards for ... read more
    Bitcoin News07-13-2018
  • The Implications of Bitcoin (x-post from r/cryptocurrency)
    This is starting to develop into a series of posts (here is the first one on both steemit and reddit), I've thrown this post on steemit, though the full text is available here. My next post is already half done and will deal with wallets, personal security, and the future ... read more
  • Simple methods for physically protecting your Bitcoins from armed robbery and theft
    One thing about Bitcoin is that it goes back to Gold. In times where Gold (and similar currencies) were popular Robin Hood, Jesse James, and other street bandits could make fortunes robbing stage coaches in transit. If Bitcoin becomes more mainstream, times like these could come again. While it seems ... read more
  • Crypto Custody Poses Barrier to Institutional Investment
    Cryptocurrency analysts are increasingly arguing that the lack of custody services provided by leading players from within the finance industry pose a significant barrier to institutional investors seeking exposure to the cryptocurrency markets. Also Read: Policy Easing, New Crypto Classification in South Korea Lack of Crypto Custody Services Comprises Serious Issue ... read more
    Bitcoin News07-09-2018
  • IOTA Posts Which Features Will Be Included In The Trinity Update
    IOTA has announced the upcoming updates for its new Trinity mobile wallet. Trinity Mobile currently has gathered more than 20,000 users which are using the platform in its beta version. Currently, the developers behind the project claim they have detected fewer bugs and have begun focusing more intently on a ... read more
  • Coinbase UK CEO Interview: Huge Interest From Institutional Investors Toward Crypto
    Coinbase UK CEO Zeeshan Feroz is working to achieve a crypto revolution amidst hesitant bankers in a city torn over Brexit. Last week, he made a speech on blockchain’s potential to connect the unbanked and rebuild the entire financial system. Today, in an interview with NewsBTC, he said that Coinbase ... read more
  • Banano’s video game faucet, Banano Runner starts July 4th! It’s a great time to join our amazing community with some free Bananos!
    When does the Banano Runner 24-hour event begin? Banano Runner begins July 4th at 3:00PM UTC What the hell is Banano? Banano is designed to be a feeless, instant, rich in potassium cryptocurrency powered by DAG technology to disrupt the meme economy. It's basically Nano with more memes and ... read more
    Banano’s video game faucet, Banano Runner starts July 4th! It’s a great time to join our amazing community with some free Bananos!07-04-2018
  • This Week in Bitcoin: Expanding Exchanges, New Crypto Fund, Patent, and Laws
    In this week’s editions of Bitcoin in Brief we’ve covered a number of interesting developments in the crypto space. Several prominent exchanges have announced plans to increase their presence in new markets and locations, while a newly launched platform aims to rate them according to their liquidity, security, and volume. ... read more
    Bitcoin News07-01-2018
  • The Daily: Swiss Crypto Vault, Huobi Opens in London, Malta Approves Crypto Bills
    In Saturday’s Bitcoin in Brief, we cover some of the new expansion plans of leading cryptocurrency trading platforms. Singapore-based Huobi has confirmed its intentions to open an office in London, and US exchange Coinbase is about to do the same in Portland, Oregon. Also, a new crypto vault in Switzerland ... read more
    Bitcoin News06-30-2018