Ultimate Secure Cash (USC)
7.8042E-6 BTC
Market cap: $512,607 #1188
The anonymous cryptocurrency with stealth address technology, allows you to create secure untraceable transaction.
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Ultimate Secure Cash News:
  • Less Than Two Months Away – Bitcoin Cash Upgrade Discussion Heats Up
    Over the past few weeks, Bitcoin Cash supporters have been debating the upcoming hard fork scheduled for November 15th of this year. Most of the community understands, that as of right now, there are two camps that have entirely different visions. It doesn’t seem like a compromise is coming any ... read more
    Bitcoin News09-18-2018
  • Markets Update: Short Term Recovery – Is a Bullish Reversal in Sight?
    Cryptocurrency prices are back on the mend after a great majority of digital assets plunged last week losing 10-20 percent or more in value. Since then, the digital currency economy has regained some strength bouncing back from a low of US$186 billion to $205 billion on Saturday, September 15. Also ... read more
    Bitcoin News09-15-2018
  • The Daily: Shapeshift Shuts Down Prism, Jamie Dimon Wants to Be President
    In today’s edition of The Daily we cover stories about Shapeshift shutting down its decentralized portfolio platform Prism, the bitcoin-hating CEO of JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon, thinking he can be elected US President, an exchange expanding to 20 more states, and further censorship of bitcoin-related accounts on Chinese social media. ... read more
    Bitcoin News09-13-2018
  • Litecoin, Stellar Lumens, EOS, Cardano, Monero Price Analysis: Sellers on Overdrive, But Stellar Lumens Gains Could Slow Price Erosion
    Aside from news of Stellar Foundation acquiring Chain, a San Francisco blockchain start up for a figure believed to be above $40 million, Litecoin developers are back. This time, they have plans of launching a web based Litecoin wallet that will be secure enough to fend off attackers. Though positive, ... read more
  • Markets Update: Traders Uncertain of the Next Crypto Market Cycle
    Cryptocurrency markets today are seeing a touch of recovery after digital asset prices suffered from some significant losses over the past few days. The entire virtual currency economy has consolidated just above the $200 billion mark, after dropping well below this threshold during Saturday evening’s trading sessions. Over the last ... read more
    Bitcoin News09-09-2018
  • Proof-of-Stake is a Rebranded Version of the Old Financial System
    Over the last few years, there’s been a lot of projects, both public and private, that are attempting to create a next-generation blockchain or something better than Satoshi’s Bitcoin. A great majority of these projects have condemned proof-of-work (PoW) cryptocurrencies because they think they waste resources, and many of these ... read more
    Bitcoin News09-07-2018
  • Markets Update: Shorts Continue to Rise as Bearish Sentiment Ensues
    Cryptocurrency markets have lost considerable value since our last markets update three days ago. The entire digital currency economy of roughly 1900+ assets has lost $35 billion since then, and a great majority of cryptocurrencies over the last 24 hours are in the red seeing significant losses. Also Read: New Information ... read more
    Bitcoin News09-06-2018
  • Markets Update: While Cryptocurrency Traders See Gains, Shorts Stack Up
    Cryptocurrency markets have shown some strength over the last seven days as many digital assets are up between 3 to 40 percent. At the time of publication, the entire digital currency market capitalization of all 1600+ cryptocurrencies is around $239B USD. The markets look far more optimistic than a few ... read more
    Bitcoin News09-03-2018
  • Markets Update: Cryptocurrencies See Some Small Gains This Weekend
    Over the past few days, a good portion of cryptocurrency assets have been increasing in value. In fact, this Saturday, August 25, 19 out of the top 20 digital assets have seen gains in the past 24 hours. Today the total market capitalization of the entire crypto-economy is around $219B ... read more
    Bitcoin News08-25-2018