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Stratis News:
  • Stratis (STRAT) Project Released iOS Identity System
    The STRAT price is starting to recover, breaking above the $3 level with a boost from the recent Bitcoin spike. ... read more
  • The Billion-Dollar Quest to Eliminate Smart Contract Bugs
    You can’t have software without bugs. Every major piece of code is subject to extensive debugging, which is an inevitable part of the development process. But when that code controls digital assets worth millions of dollars, ensuring it’s free of critical errors isn’t just desirable – it’s imperative. As this ... read more
    Bitcoin News07-12-2018
  • CCID Updated the Crypto Index: EOS Ranks 1st, What About BTC, ETH, BCH?
    The Chinese government has updated the ranking of cryptocurrencies after adding two new crypto projects. EOS (EOS) is ranked no. 1, Ethereum (ETH) is second, while Bitcoin (BTC) fell to 17th place. As previously reported by Coindoo, the Chinese government has launched on 17 May its public blockchain-based evaluation index and ranking. Initially, ... read more