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RISE is an ecosystem for developers, businesses, tech startups, investors and device users. At the heart, RISE offers a platform for decentralized distributed applications, smart Contracts and side-chain/token asset creation, powered by a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) blockchain.
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Rise News:
  • Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Potential Pullback Zone
    Bitcoin sold off sharply yesterday but is now finding support at the bottom of its falling wedge formation. A bounce could take it up for a pullback to the nearby resistance area, which lines up with the top of the wedge. Applying the Fib retracement tool on the latest swing ... read more
    Ethereum World News11-15-2018
  • Stablecoins Demand More Trust than Fiat Currency
    This article about the problem with stablecoins was written by Kevin Murcko, the CEO at cryptocurrency exchange, CoinMetro, and forex broker, FXPIG. Stablecoins — digital coins which peg their value rigidly to the dollar, the euro, or a collage of national currencies — are all the rage right now. Tether, ... read more
    Bitcoin News11-15-2018
  • Coinbase Exec Bullish On Crypto Mining, Even Amid Market Slump
    Coinbase CTO Talks Coinmine, Crypto Mining Just days ago, Coinmine, a lesser-known crypto upstart, unveiled its first product — the fittingly named Coinmine One. For those who aren’t in the loop, the device, which resembles a tabletop gaming console or DVR, is a hardware cryptocurrency miner that is aimed at the ... read more
    Ethereum World News11-15-2018
  • Ripple scores another industry player to its side; collaboration with CIMB announced
    Ripple, the leading blockchain remittance firm in the FinTech industry, announced today that it has added one more partner to its list. CIMB, which is the fifth-largest banking group in the ASEAN region, has chosen to collaborate with Ripple to advance the cross-border payments sector to support CIMB’s market. The ... read more
  • Hedge Fund Manager: The Bitcoin And Crypto Market Disruption Is Nothing To Worry About
    November 14 will be remembered as the day the crypto market plunged into a hole. When the tides hit, Bitcoin and most others saw double-digit drops. Bitcoin triggered the “death cross,” dropping to a new, scary low. The market seemed to be going up in smoke. Investors were scared. There ... read more
    Ethereum World News11-15-2018
  • Miner Abandons Swedish County, Leaves $1.5M in Unpaid Electricity Bills
    Two mining companies with operations in Sweden have reportedly abandoned their facilities in the country’s northernmost county of Norrbotten. One of the companies, U.S. miner NGDC, appears to have suddenly fled from the area, leaving $1.55 million in unpaid electricity bills in its wake. Also Read: Seba Crypto Eyes Swiss Bank ... read more
    Bitcoin News11-15-2018
  • Bitcoin Cash War Begins: Hash Power of BCH Increasing Rapidly
    Bitcoin Cash’s controversial chain split scheduled for today has been activated at block number 556,766. Around three hours after the split, it appears that one of the main instigators of the fork is struggling to keep pace with the mighty combined hash rate of and Bitmain. Where’s All That Hash ... read more
  • Bitcoin Market Cap Slides Below $100 Billion as BCH Fork Spooks Investors
    It has been more than 24 hours since bitcoin scared investors with a sudden 10 percent drop. But there hasn’t been a concrete recovery action — yet. The bitcoin-to-dollar exchange rate has surged 2.21 percent from its previous low at 5291-fiat, now trading at 5408-fiat. The coin’s market cap has ... read more
  • XRP receives official support from Coinbase Custody; Ripple logo represents the coin
    Coinbase, the largest platform for cryptocurrency trading and other related services in the US has officially added XRP under supported assets for Coinbase Custody. However, despite Ripple, the blockchain remittance firm that created XRP, attempting to dissociate itself from XRP for the sake of decentralization, Coinbase has kept Ripple’s logo ... read more
  • BitMEX CEO Accurately Called $5,000 Bitcoin in August, Is $2,000 Next?
    Bitcoin has set a new low for 2018, and is now inching closer and closer to BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes’ prediction that Bitcoin will reach $5,000. BitMEX CEO Called for Bitcoin to Test $5K Support, Nails Prediction Outspoken CEO and co-founder of popular margin-trading platform BitMEX has made a number ... read more