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  • Review: HTC’s Exodus 1 Is an Impressive Phone With a Basic Crypto Wallet
    After weeks of delays and hundreds of frustrated customer messages in its Telegram channel, HTC finally shipped its “blockchain phone” on Jan. 14. The HTC Exodus 1 promises an array of features for cryptocurrency users, but the manufacturer couldn’t keep its promise to ship the devices in December. With the ... read more
    Bitcoin News01-16-2019
  • A response to a post I found in the sub, might apply to you.
    I saw an albeit slightly annoying question in the sub and thought it might get more exposure if I copy it to the main page, this might apply to a lot of people and if that’s the case I strongly suggest you read up more on markets in general before ... read more
  • Why Facebook Should Not be Trusted With Cryptocurrency
    The race to launch the first crypto powered messenger app is heating up. Naturally the internet monopolies such as Facebook are scrambling to be first, but looking at its history it is one of the least suitable to handle decentralized currencies. New contenders are appearing on the scene with far ... read more
  • Blockchain-Powered Prediction Platforms: Governance and Uses Beyond Gimmick Markets & Death Pools
    The Augur community’s response to several high-profile controversies that emerged last year will shape the future of decentralized prediction platforms ... read more
  • Here’s why I believe using the term “free speech money” to explain bitcoin is important.
    "Bitcoin is an idea. An idea which, in its current form, is the manifestation of a machinery purely powered by text. Every aspect of Bitcoin is text: The whitepaper is text. The software which is run by its nodes is text. The ledger is text. Transactions are text. Public and ... read more
  • A Look at Some of the ‘Next Generation’ Mining Rigs Available Today
    Over the last year, cryptocurrencies have lost a lot of value yet bitcoin miners continue to process transactions and earn block rewards. A bunch of new mining rigs were announced in 2018 that packed some serious hashrate. As the new year begins, some of the top devices that process between ... read more
    Bitcoin News01-11-2019
  • Nasdaq Powered DX.Exchange Patches and Shuts Down Security Vulnerability
    Just yesterday, January 10th, news reached the crypto-verse that the newly launched DX.Exchange– that is powered by Nasdaq technology – had serious security vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious users and/or hackers. The security bugs were discovered by an online trader who requested that his identity be kept secret. ... read more
    Ethereum World News01-11-2019
  • Immutability Questioned After Steemit Blog Bans 9/11 Blackmailer’s Account
    The blockchain-powered blogging platform Steemit is being accused of centralization and censorship. On Jan. 7, 2019, the hacker group The Dark Overlord had its account banned from Steemit by a developer known as ‘Jredbeard’ for violating the company’s terms of service agreement. Also Read: Developer Releases Cash-DB, a Terab Project Fork ... read more
    Bitcoin News01-09-2019
  • Bitcoin Trades Flat as Short Positions and Selling Volume Decline
    Bitcoin bulls have been ardently defending the $4,000 price level over the past several days, although they have not gained enough upwards momentum to propel Bitcoin’s price any higher. Despite not maintaining any significant upwards momentum, it is important to note that short positions for the cryptocurrency have been on ... read more
  • Tuesday Inferno market update
    TL;DR We’ve seen $4k again for the first time since Christmas Day. Is the bull back? After a lacklustre start to 2019, with volumes dropping, Sunday night saw a sharp uptick to $4,090 (Bitstamp) as bitcoin powered $250 higher in a single hourly candle. Given that it’s been two weeks ... read more