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Open Trading Network (OTN) is a global cross-chain trading ecosystem which is aimed to give every market participant a range of products to obtain maximum blockchain guarantees and, at the same time, offers full range of comfort instruments at their disposal.
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Open Trading Network News:
  • Markets Update: Cryptocurrencies Shed Billions in Bloody Sell-Off
    Cryptocurrency enthusiasts have been glued to the price charts over the last 48 hours as digital assets across the entire crypto-economy have plunged significantly. Since our last markets update two days ago, the digital currency ecosystem has lost over $30 billion and the overall market capitalization of all 2,000+ coins ... read more
    Bitcoin News11-20-2018
  • Bchd Developers Announce Neutrino Wallet for Bitcoin Cash in Beta
    Named after the subatomic particle that can pass right through the entire planet without being detected, neutrino is meant to be a lightweight wallet with enhanced privacy features. And Bchd developers are now bringing it over to the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ecosystem in beta mode. Also Read: Thai Central Banker: ... read more
    Bitcoin News11-20-2018
  • Hash Wars: A Successful BCH Upgrade and a ‘High Risk’ Exchange Listing
    It’s been close to four days since the Bitcoin Cash upgrade and the blockchain split that occurred on Nov. 15. Since the acrimonious fork, a lot has happened within the BCH ecosystem including a few exchanges listing both chains as separate coins. Also Read: Another ‘Satoshi Message’ Attempts to Sway Public ... read more
    Bitcoin News11-19-2018
  • Kraken and Huobi Assign BCH Ticker to Bitcoin Cash ABC
    According to separate announcements from Kraken and Huobi, both exchanges plan to commence Bitcoin SV coin trading on November 18, 2018. The two exchanges also announced their intention to list Bitcoin Cash ABC coins as BCH on their separate exchange platforms. Huobi’s Plans for Post-BCH Hard Fork Huobi announced that ... read more
    Ethereum World News11-19-2018
  • Bitcoin Cash [BCH] SV should be seen as a high-risk investment, says Kraken; Bittrex follows suit
    On November 19, Kraken, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, released a statement regarding the ongoing Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hard fork. The fork, which has been led by two parties on the BCH network, has resulted in the formation of two tokens: Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV. The ABC implementation of ... read more
  • Switzerland approves the very first cryptocurrency ETP includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin
    While the whole cryptocurrency community has been waiting for the SEC to approve a Bitcoin ETF, Switzerland has yet again proved that they are one step ahead than any other country in terms of encouraging institutional investors to participate in this space. According to reports by Financial Times, Switzerland’s main stock ... read more
  • Hash Wars: BCH Proponents Confident a Resolution Is in Sight
    On Saturday, Nov. 17, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community entered the third day of its hash war, with many supporters growing confident that a resolution may be in sight. Close to 300 blocks have been mined on the Bitcoin ABC side of the chain using the new consensus ruleset, which ... read more
    Bitcoin News11-17-2018
  • Cryzen Platform is open for backtesting
    We are proud to announce the launch of our highly anticipated algorithmic trading platform! Cryzen is revolutionizing the way cryptocurrency traders are making trades, equipping them with an array of cutting-edge tools. The world is moving towards an era of greater automation and it would be inequitable to ... read more
  • Hash Wars: Day Two and the Anticipation for BCH Trading Platforms to Reopen
    It has been close to 24 hours since the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain split on Nov. 15, and the community is assessing the first day of battle. At the time of writing, both chains are still operational and the ABC chain has a 32-block lead on the SV chain. Now ... read more
    Bitcoin News11-16-2018
  • The Daily: Bitsane Introduces Tether-Euro Pair, Covesting Launches in Gibraltar
    In Friday’s edition of The Daily, we look at Bitsane’s decision to list tether (USDT) and trade it against the euro. We also cover two other recent announcements in the crypto-space. Digital asset trading platform Covesting is launching operations in Gibraltar, where it has obtained a distributed ledger technology license. ... read more
    Bitcoin News11-16-2018