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    Source:   Sorting/formating by yours truly (this took me way longer than it should have...)   Rank Name Current Price ATH price ATH date % from ATH 24h volume 89 Aion $0.14833 $11.51 "07/01/2018 -98.71% $3,684,788 32 Bitcoin Diamond $0.99004 $76.45 "26/12/2017 -98.70% $1,770,172 100 Loopring $0.04352 $2.59 "09/01/2018 ... read more
  • If we have to survive bear markets like this, we really have to stop tribalism and be open to newer ideas.
    I was a regular visitor at this subreddit. I had held IOTA before and also rode the Raiblocks wave (but didn't sell it at the peak). Later on I became interested in EOS. But seeing the bad reviews here, I didn't buy EOS ICO. But just before the launch, I ... read more
  • Alloy Project (XAO) web/mobile wallet soon
    Hello all, I would like to take some time to inform whoever is reading this about the potential of Alloy and why it should considered a moonshot. Alloy is a ByteCoin based coin that offers CPU and GPU POW ASIC-resistant mining. It is open sourced and the focus with ... read more
  • BitMart “Vote for Your Coin – Round 5” Vote on the Blockchain with Your First Vote Free!
    BitMart Exchange, a premier global digital asset trading platform, recently announced their “Vote for Your Coin – Round 5” campaign. As before, BitMart is cooperating with Atlas Protocol [ATP] to provide a voting campaign utilizing blockchain interaction. 10 projects have been selected among hundreds of projects to participate in this ... read more