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    PAXCoin belongs to the area of cryptocurrency 2.0 , the area where encrypted money contributes to daily life.Cryptocurrency 2.0 incorporates block-chain technology to enable reliability , time and cost savings in inter-personal, inter-company and inter-nation transactions. PAXCoin has the best security and reliability and is the best encryption currency that ... read more
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    Crypto Market Conditions Are “Phenomenal” For Traders Diversified trader Merlin Rothfeld, an investment strategist at Online Trading Academy, recently sat down with Cheddar, an up and coming fintech media outlet, to discuss the current crypto market. The outlet, who has developed a penchant for covering the Bitcoin (BTC) ecosystem, asked ... read more
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  • What Caused Bitcoin to Drop to a New Yearly Low? Factors and Trends
    When optimists thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did. In the past 24 hours, after ranging between $3,800 and $4,200 for a week, Bitcoin (BTC) was suddenly subject to another spell of bear market fever, as the asset fell under $3,700, $3,600, and $3,500 in quick succession. BTC even ... read more
  • Decentraland (MANA) and Enjin (ENJ) are blazing a trail for crypto-infused gaming and Coinbase just took notice
    The gaming industry is a multi-billion-dollar global opportunity for crypto, and we aren’t just talking about CryptoKitties and betting dapps. At the cutting edge of the mash-up of crypto and gaming are crypto projects Decentraland and Enjin. As this story was being written the news broke that both projects’ tokens ... read more
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  • Crypto Banks – The Need of the Hour
    Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity. The underlying technology, blockchain, is being used for various applications. One of the biggest potential applications will be in the banking sector. Banks are archaic and blockchain is ready to disrupt the mammoth sector with innovative solutions that bring efficiency and transparency in operations as well ... read more
  • Venezuela to Use Petro Cryptocurrency in International Oil Trade
    The government of Venezuela recently announced the intended sale of its oil using the Petro cryptocurrency to circumvent U.S economic sanctions come 2019. Circumventing U.S. Sanctions According to Venezuela-based satellite tv, TeleSUR, Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro announced that country would create a basket of cryptocurrency for oil-backed state cryptocurrency, Petro. ... read more
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  • Experiment: lets actually try to confuse the bots!
    Some of you may not know this but there are lots of traders that use webscrapers to get sentiment analysis from social media including reddit. I know a thing or two about this since I have done it myself with Python. What is sentiment analysis? It's an AI used algorithm ... read more
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    A recent report by CryptoCompare suggests that South Korean crypto exchanges have overtaken their Maltese counterparts in terms of daily trade volume ... read more
  • Why A Bitcoin (BTC) ETF Might Be Approved in February 2019
    A few hours ago, the cryptocurrency and investor communities were notified of the delay by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to rule on the pending VanEck Bitcoin ETF until February 27th. Some have even linked the announcement to the current blood bath in the crypto markets that has ... read more
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