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Monero is an open-source cryptocurrency that focuses on privacy, decentralization and scalability.
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Monero News:
  • The US government legislation is hurting sex workers. A startup leveraging Ethereum and Monero cryptocurrency is fighting back.
    submitted by /u/Bmwe30es [link] [comments] ... read more
  • Apple’s Macs Were Infected by a Monero Miner
    A new way of infecting users’ devices has been identified. Apple’s Macs were hacked to mine Monero, reported the researchers. The announcement was made on May 22 via the cybersecurity firm’s website. According to it, a Mac process dubbed “mshelper” was attacked by malicious machines in order to mine Monero. ... read more
  • New Mac Malware Monero Miner Discovered
    Crypto mining is on the rise as bad actors have discovered decentralized mining is a lot cheaper than setting up a rig and paying the electricity bills to compete with massive mining pools and Apple users are not immune from being crypto jacked. Mac Cryptominer uses Legitimet Software In an ... read more
  • Markets “Rapture” the Darknet – Induces worry among users
    The Darknet is known to be the “hidden internet”. It not in the view of the ordinary web users because its websites and content are under the ‘surface web’. Despite the sinister perspective on it, it is easy to access and explore it. It is not authorized by the government, ... read more
  • Monero’s CryptoKitty: A Malware Delivery Server
    A new exploit known as Kitty is running through Drupal servers and mining Monero for the wallet of a hacker that made a strong effort to be cute. ... read more
  • Monero [XMR] prices drops by 45% in a month
    In the last one month, the price of Monero [XMR] has dropped by a whopping 45%. Monero was having a rough time over the last one month with allegations against Monero being used by criminals for money laundering and ransom.  It uses a cryptography to obfuscate the addresses of the ... read more
  • Is Masari a sleeping giant?
    The privacy coin space is highly competitive, but when it comes to anonymity for critical purposes (life and death scenarios), Monero is the clear choice. Monero’s blockchain is increasingly bloated, and while developments on the protocol have improved blockchain sync times, XMR is still a long way from fast and ... read more
  • Darknet Market Rapture Has Been Down for a Week — Users Grow Leery
    The website Rapture Market has been down for well over a week for users who frequent the darknet, causing concern that another DNM has committed an exit scam. Currently, the market’s customers and some vendors are freaking out as the online marketplace was gaining in popularity and enjoying solid ratings ... read more
    Bitcoin News05-23-2018
  • Report: Crypto-Jacking Is on the Rise, Overtaking Ransomeware as Preferred Method of Attack
    As cryptocurrencies continue to increase in popularity and adoption, investors and users are experiencing an increase in malicious coin miners that utilize the semi-anonymity offered by cryptocurrencies for financial gain. ITWeb Security Summit  This is according to Helge Husemann, product manager for Malwarebytes who spoke at ITWeb’s Security Summit 2018. Husemann ... read more
  • Monero Classic [XMC] is now trading on HitBTC
    On 21st May, one of the world’s most advanced cryptocurrency exchange called ‘HitBTC’, announced that Monero Classic [XMC] has been officially listed on their platform for trading. HitBTC has also mentioned the following trading pairs which are available in the exchange: Monero Classic [XMC] – Bitcoin [BTC] Monero Classic [XMC] ... read more