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Monero is an open-source cryptocurrency that focuses on privacy, decentralization and scalability.
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Monero News:
  • Encrypted Email Service Tutonata Tests Cryptocurrency For Payments
    Tutanota, a provider of an encrypted email service, has begun to accept donations in bitcoin, ether, bitcoin cash and monero in order to test payment processing using cryptocurrencies, the company announced in a blog post. The German firm noted that it wants to support decentralized payment systems that are independent ... read more
  • Dash(DASH) Added by Forex Trading Broker
    Dash posted a tweet on July the 18th announcing that their coin will be added on Evolve Markets, where Forex and cryptocurrencies can be traded alongside the bets made on stock indices and commodities, such as natural resources and minerals. “#Dash Trading Added to #Evolve Markets, Further Increasing Dash Robustness,” ... read more
  • Bitcoin Mining Should be Illegal in the United States, Says, Congressman
    Two separate House Committees spent Wednesday (July 18, 2018) rambling on about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The summary of it all is that the United States elected officials do not know much about the emerging technology. Interested in Cryptocurrencies Members of the House Committee on Agriculture were the first to deliberate ... read more
    Ethereum World News07-19-2018
  • Cryptocurrency Industry Needs to be Probed, Says U.S. Congressman
    A Democratic lawmaker of the United States Congress wants the government to examine the use of cryptocurrencies for illegal activities critically. This call comes after revelations emerged last week that Bitcoin, a popular cryptocurrency played a role in the Russian meddling of the 2016 U.S. Presidential polls. Russians Used Bitcoin ... read more
    Ethereum World News07-19-2018
  • MalwareBytes Report Says CryptoJacking Cases Are “Plateauing”
    Malwarebytes, a premier cyber security firm, recently released a report highlighting the “cybercrime tactics” of this past quarter. The report mentioned that the presence of cryptominers (cryptojacking) has become quite apparent, as it “dominates the threat landscape.” Before we delve into the data, first, a bit of information about cryptojacking. What ... read more
    Ethereum World News07-18-2018
  • Dash [DASH] enters Forex trading, now added on Evolve Markets
    On 18th July, Dash made a Twitter announcement of the cryptocurrency being added on Evolve Markets, where Forex and cryptocurrencies, both can be traded along with bets on stock indices and commodities, such as oil, natural gas, gold and copper. Dash’s recent tweet | Source: Twitter According to Evolve Markets’ official ... read more
  • Launches Screensaver That Mines Monero for Charity
    Popular social petition platform is asking its supporters to install a screensaver that will mine monero on behalf of the for-profit organization’s charitable foundation. Asks Supporters to Mine Monero for Charity Dubbed “The Mining Screensaver,” the tool activates whenever a user steps away from his or her computer ... read more
  • Bitcoin [BTC], Ether [ETH] pairs not essential on Coinsmart, a new Canadian exchange
    Coinsmart, a cryptocurrency exchange startup based out of Canada, was officially launched on 18th July. The new exchange platform is an attempt at bringing simplicity and ease into the lives of new traders in the cryptocurrency market, especially in terms of tax payment and reporting. Of late, there has been ... read more
  • Creates Monero Mining Screensaver for Charity
    Online petition platform launches screensaver that enables computers to mine crypto as donation for Foundation. ... read more
  • Tron [TRX] and Zcoin [XZC] now on Ledger, integration based on “internal evaluation criteria”
    On 18th July, Ledger, a smartcard-based hardware wallet, announced that they are now supporting Zcoin [XZC], an open-source currency that provides financial privacy and Tron [TRX], a blockchain based operating system. Ledger hardware wallets are a series of multicurrency wallets that are used to store private keys for cryptocurrencies offline. Ledger’s ... read more