Masari (MSR)
6.12653E-5 BTC
Market cap: $3,089,127 #681
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Masari News:
  • What is your mineable moonshot?
    I mine as a hobby and like to find new coins to throw a little hash power at. What are your favorites? My best bet was Masari by far. I've mined Ravencoin, Garlicoin, just about every CN Lite coin, Callisto, Verium Reserve, and a handful of x16/ethash flavors. Most of ... read more
  • Small Cap CryptoNight Coins
    Here is a short list of some coins I'm interested in: Masari of course. They seem like the most competent small cap CN coin right now. Lots of real development. They have their own PoW called CN-Fast. The devs are approachable and everything looks really professional. I think its only ... read more
  • Minable moon shots?
    I got in on masari and 0xBTC early. Is there anything new and promising out there? I don't have any extra funds but I do have a 1060. submitted by /u/shu82 [link] [comments] ... read more
  • Masari?
    It seems like it was really popular here a little while ago. Still a good moonshot or has it fizzled? submitted by /u/Galt-J [link] [comments] ... read more