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Market cap: $3,088,726 #625
LIFE is a blockchain based reward and transactional token. With broad adoption it also helps registered charities all over the world.
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LIFE News:
  • Institutional Investor: Crypto Will be Worth Trillions, Launches Hedge Fund
    After leaving his position as an executive at Steven Cohen’s Point72 hedge fund, Travis Kling decided to start his own crypto-focused fund. This was a big and bullish announcement back then, but it still wasn’t enough to save the crypto market, which crashed only a month later. The following nine ... read more
  • China During Crypto Ban: One Woman Tries to Live on Bitcoin
    Close to being yet another annoyingly false media piece on how ‘hard’ it is to live on cryptocurrency, the Netflix of China, Iqiyi, followed a woman attempting just that for 21 days. Bitcoiners have been doing so for years through various service providers, exchanges, and, yes, even peer-to-peer, yet the ... read more
    Bitcoin News09-23-2018
  • New ICO on the Tron Network Plans To Create a Decentralized Exchange for TRX Tokens
    The Tron (TRX) Mainnet recently had its fully functional Tron Virtual Machine integrated onto the platform on the 30th of August. This event marked the beginning of a new era in the Tron project: an era of Decentralized Applications. The Tron Network also has the added capability of creating tokens ... read more
    Ethereum World News09-23-2018
  • Ethereum Denver: State of the Community
    “History doesn't repeat itself...but it often rhymes.” - Not Mark Twain That’s a pithy observation, isn’t it? While reports of Twain as its originator have been greatly exaggerated (there’s no evidence he ever said this), it does seem to jibe nicely with our understanding of how events unfold over time. ... read more
  • I would like to thank Bitcoin for…
    .. the hope/optimism it gives me sometimes. When I am down with something else in life, this is like a mildly optimistic/cheerful thing that gives me some happiness/hope. I feel like I have got a lottery ticket that will likely give me a 10x or 20x or 50x return someday ... read more
  • Six New and Improved Cryptocurrency Analysis Tools
    Blockchain explorers and cryptocurrency analysis sites just keep getting better. While Coinmarketcap (CMC) still dominates, these days it’s got stiff competition to contend with. Moreover, many of these platforms aren’t simply aspiring to be CMC knock-offs: they’re providing fresh tools for grasping the complexities of the ever-evolving cryptoconomy. Also read: 8 ... read more
    Bitcoin News09-22-2018
  • Which problem does Utrum solve?
    Many investors have lost their hard-earned life savings due to a lack of awareness, a trusted entity on authenticating investments, and cryptocurrency knowledge. This diversion of focus and funding has caused injury to trust, projects, people and innovation. Because cryptocurrency is unregulated it is up to the community to ... read more
  • Wendy McElroy: Crypto-Idealism Is the Future That Crypto-Statists Need to Defame
    The Satoshi Revolution: A Revolution of Rising Expectations Section 4: State Versus Society Chapter 10, Part 5 Crypto-Idealism is the Future that Crypto-Statists Need to Defame by Wendy McElroy [A]ll those who used their knowledge in a bid to enact social change saw cryptography as a tool to enhance individual ... read more
    Bitcoin News09-22-2018
  • Ripple official says, “Distributed ledger technology will be the Ultimate Intel Inside”
    In an interview with on 21st September, Marcus Treacher, the Global Head of Strategic Accounts at Ripple, spoke about distributed ledger technologies and its impact on the economic ecosystem. Treacher focused on the ease of payment that is provided by ledger technology and how it can be used to ... read more
  • Financial Blockades Are Bad for Humanity But Great for Bitcoin
    Vloggers. Sex workers. Conservatives. Iranians. People from every strata of society, with nothing in common, save for a shared grievance. All have found themselves locked out without warning by their payment provider. Account frozen. Funds seized. Lifeline severed. And for what exactly? For the amorphous crime of failing to comply ... read more
    Bitcoin News09-22-2018