Kind Ads Token (KIND)
2.9631E-6 BTC
Market cap: $663,690 #1282
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Kind Ads Token News:
  • Ravencoin (RVN) Continues Surge, Up 200% Since Binance News
    RVN Explodes In Value, Up 200% Following Binance Listing Just days after revamping Binance’s unique listing fee policy, on October 11th, Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the world-renowned CEO of the Binance project, unexpectedly revealed that his platform would be adding Ravencoin (RVN). With hints of a vested interest, Zhao noted that ... read more
    Ethereum World News10-21-2018
  • Celebrity ICO Endorsers Face Legal Blowback Over Alleged Fraud
    Boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather and rap producer DJ Khaled face a legal battle for serving as celebrity endorsers to an initial coin offering (ICO) accused of fraud. The founders of the allegedly fraudulent ICO were arrested by American criminal authorities back in April. Also Read: The Daily: Goldman Sachs Invests ... read more
    Bitcoin News10-21-2018
  • The Daily: Goldman Sachs Invests in Wallet, Institutional Traders Borrow $553M
    In today’s edition of The Daily we cover stories about the latest investment in the cryptocurrency space by Goldman Sachs, the amount institutional traders borrowed in the last six months from just one OTC desk, research on state-sponsored hackers, and a new security tool from Coinbase. Also Read: Security Giant ... read more
    Bitcoin News10-21-2018
  • Will there be a SWIFT – Ripple Partnership Soon?
    Ripple’s high popularity has recently earned it the privilege of occupying a kind of honor seat in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Every day more and more users follow not only the news of this company’s strategic alliances but also the technological advances and even the price fluctuations that its XRP token ... read more
    Ethereum World News10-20-2018
  • Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson on EOS Big Fundraising: It Doesn’t Mean You’ll Succeed
    Charles Hoskinson, the mastermind behind Cardano (ADA), conducted a “Surprise AMA,” on October 17th from a hotel in Toronto, in which he talked about several topics related to his popular cryptocurrency and its development. Logos for the Cardano Blockchain and its token ADAIn spite of the surprise, the community quickly ... read more
    Ethereum World News10-19-2018
  • Emma Integrates Crypto Exchanges into Money Management App
    Emma, a London-based startup firm specializing in money management services, has launched cryptocurrency exchange integration for its new app. The platform, which the company describes as a kind of “financial advocate” service, is designed to help millennials gain a better understanding of their finances. Also Read: Security Giant G4S ... read more
    Bitcoin News10-18-2018
  • Cobo Raises $13M in Series A Funding Round
    Chinese startup Cobo raised $13 million this week in a Series A financing round led by DHVC and Wu Capital. The Beijing-based company — established by Bihang wallet developer Changhao Jiang and Shixing “Discus Fish” Mao, the co-founder of F2Pool — said it will use the funds to support the ... read more
    Bitcoin News10-18-2018
  • The Daily: Peak Blockchain and Stablecoin Drama
    Differentiating truth from fiction isn’t always easy, especially in the realm of blockchain. We’ve got distributed ledger stories both real and fanciful in this edition of The Daily, as well as hardware wallet news, an update on bitcoin futures, and the obligatory smattering of stablecoin drama. Also read: Blockchain Surveillance Firm ... read more
    Bitcoin News10-18-2018
  • Majority of Crypto Assets Are Highly Centralized, Research Finds
    One of the central pillars of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general is that the system is decentralized, ensuring no single point of failure for adversaries to attack. However, new research has found the majority of assets in the ecosystem today to be highly centralized. Also Read: Crypto Hedge Fund Launches ... read more
    Bitcoin News10-17-2018
  • Civil Fails to Raise $8M Minimum in ICO
    Civil, a blockchain startup that has partnered with Forbes and The Associated Press, failed to reach the $8 million minimum target it set for its initial coin offering this week, suggesting an end to the days when promoters simply had to hint at collaborations with established companies to woo investors. ... read more
    Bitcoin News10-17-2018