Espers (ESP)
1.96E-8 BTC
Market cap: $2,821,668 #1030
A blockchain project with the goal of offering secured messaging, websites on the chain, and an overall pleasing experience to the user.
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Espers News:
  • Korean Government: 11 out of 21 Crypto Exchanges Complete Security Measures
    The South Korean government has announced the outcome of its inspection of 21 cryptocurrency exchanges. While a number of exchanges have completed implementing both short-term and wallet management measures, many security vulnerabilities remain at most exchanges. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space 21 Exchanges Inspected South Korea’s ... read more
    Bitcoin News08-18-2018
  • Pornhub subsidiary Tube8 collaborates with Vice Industry Token [VIT]; users “Get paid to Watch Porn”
    Tube8, an adult entertainment streaming service and a subsidiary of Pornhub, has announced that they want to reward people with cryptocurrency, during an exclusive interview with Hard Fork. The adult entertainment portal has partnered with Vice Industry Token [VIT] that will enable the platform to be completely tokenized. Vice Industry Token ... read more
  • EOS Block Producers vote limit proposal by community member gains traction
    The EOS community has risen up and made their statement against the whales on the blockchain. Those who hold more EOS have more voting power due to the Delegated Proof of Stake consensus algorithm it utilizes. However, the whales on the network, such as the block producers that validate its ... read more
  • AT&T involved in cryptocurrency scam, $224 million lawsuit filed by plaintiff
    On 13th August, Michael Terpin, a US-based entrepreneur and cryptocurrency investor filed a $224 lawsuit against American Telephone & Telegraph Company [AT&T] according to a report by Reuters. The complaint was filed by the plaintiff at the United States District Court in Los Angeles against the defendant, AT&T. Terpin is reportedly using the telecommunications company ... read more
  • Facebook: We’re Not Building a Cryptocurrency on Stellar
    Social media conglomerate Facebook denied reports that its blockchain task force is considering launching a cryptocurrency project through a partnership with Stellar. Citing a Facebook spokesperson, financial news outlet Cheddar reports that the company will not be building on the Stellar protocol, nor has its cryptocurrency division held discussions with ... read more
  • What Does Facebook Exec’s Departure From Coinbase Board Mean For Crypto?
    “Facebase” might’ve been a fictional company name that you heard after David Marcus of Facebook joined Coinbase’s board, as speculation was rampant regarding the potential for collaboration between the two firms. But for now, it seems that any chance of collaboration between the two companies may be ending, as the ... read more
  • Crypto Week In Review: SEC Delays Bitcoin ETF, Goldman Sachs Enters Market
    Although the past week was rather quiet for the cryptocurrency industry, the price action seen throughout the past few days seems to tell a different story, with Bitcoin trading within a hefty $1,400 range. SEC Shoots Down VanEck ETF Proposal, Issues 45 Day Delay On Tuesday afternoon, the SEC released ... read more
  • Facebook Denies Entering Partnership with Stellar Lumens (XLM)
    Stellar Lumens (XLM)–Despite news that pointed to the opposite, Facebook has come forth to deny entering into any agreement or long term partnership with the sixth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, Stellar Lumens XLM. Stellar and Facebook On Friday, the story broke that Facebook and Stellar had recently held talks, ... read more
    Ethereum World News08-11-2018
  • Exchanges Round-Up: Goldman Considers Crypto Custody, SA Exchange Launches USDT
    In recent news pertaining to cryptocurrency exchanges, it has been reported that Goldman Sachs is considering exploring custody and other services pertaining to cryptocurrencies; a South African exchange has introduced Tether pairings in the hopes of driving down the local premium on crypto prices through offering arbitrage opportunities to foreign ... read more
    Bitcoin News08-09-2018
  • Barclays Is Reportedly Not Opening a Crypto Trading Desk
    It now appears that multinational investment bank Barclays is not, in fact, joining the cryptocurrency markets through a crypto trading desk. Reports initially surfaced yesterday claiming that the bank was starting a trading desk based on information on several traders LinkedIn profiles. Barclays Not Developing Rumored Digital Asset Project It ... read more