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Ecosystem Health Chain News:
  • Crypto Schisms and Fork Psychology
    Forking within the crypto ecosystem is often controversial subject. Many crypto-enthusiasts loathe it, taking particular exception to the so-called “contentious hard fork.” They believe hard-forking damages a cryptocurrency, and say it should be avoided at all costs. They also believe forking is detrimental to the market and represents a financial burden. However, this ... read more
    Bitcoin News12-17-2018
  • XRP Now Accepted by Hotel Booking Platform “”
    Ripple’s XRP continues to expand as a cryptocurrency for all types of users, proving that it can be beneficial for players beyond the traditional clients within the financial system. In a strategic decision, Travala, one of the most important hotel bookings platforms in the crypto ecosystem added official support for ... read more
    Ethereum World News12-15-2018
  • CEO: Crypto Plunge is Healthy, Bitcoin Remains a Great Investment
    Since the bear market hit the crypto ecosystem head-on, investors exposed to this helter-skelter asset class have been deterred at large. Not only have the value of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC), declined drastically, but hype and interest surrounding this market have largely been exhausted. Nevertheless, there remain many libertarian-leaning zealots ... read more
  • IDCM is the only Asian blockchain company being invited to Global Summit for Top Institutional Investors
    The Global Summit for Top Institutional Investors was held in New York last week. IDCM participated in the summit to exchange views with over 80 top family businesses and well-known institutional investors across the globe on the infinite possibilities blockchain technology can bring when combined with traditional sectors such as ... read more
  • Sign Of The Times: Basis Shutters $133M Crypto Project Due To Regulation
    Although crypto startups have been capitulating en-masse due to financial restraints, a direct byproduct of Bitcoin’s rapid drawdown in value, reports indicate that a promising stablecoin venture has folded due to regulatory qualms. $133M Crypto Project Folds Due To “Regulatory Headwinds” In recent months, stablecoins, cryptocurrencies tied to an asset ... read more
  • Benchmark University Study Shines a Spotlight on Crypto Assets
    Judge Business School, a subsidiary of the University of Cambridge, has published its second annual report into the cryptoconomy. Its inaugural report surfaced in April 2017, just as crypto mania was exploding. A lot has happened in the ecosystem since then, and the school’s new 96-page report covers a good ... read more
    Bitcoin News12-13-2018
  • Bithumb Launches Voting Platform to Screen New Cryptocurrencies
    Major South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb has beta launched a public voting system for screening new coins to be listed on its exchange. The platform, Pickthumb, aims to boost transparency and fairness in Bithumb’s listing process. Five coins are currently being evaluated with the current voting round ending in nine ... read more
    Bitcoin News12-09-2018
  • Decentraland (MANA) and Enjin (ENJ) are blazing a trail for crypto-infused gaming and Coinbase just took notice
    The gaming industry is a multi-billion-dollar global opportunity for crypto, and we aren’t just talking about CryptoKitties and betting dapps. At the cutting edge of the mash-up of crypto and gaming are crypto projects Decentraland and Enjin. As this story was being written the news broke that both projects’ tokens ... read more
    Ethereum World News12-08-2018
  • BORA hosts meetup in Korea to discuss development, partnerships, and business direction
    WAY2BIT [CEO Song Gyehan], developer of blockchain-based digital content platform BORA, held a project meetup at the DECENTRE blockchain café in Gangnam, Seoul on November 22nd. More than 100 blockchain enthusiasts and partners were invited to participate. The meetup began with a greeting from WAY2BIT CEO, Song Gyehan who provided a ... read more
  • Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH/USD Delicate at $100, Price may Drop to $1 or Snap Back to $250
    Latest Ethereum News There are three main pieces of infrastructure that supports the Ethereum Ecosystem: Truffle, Infura and MetaMask. Truffle is a “A world class development environment, testing framework and asset pipeline for blockchains using the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), aiming to make life as a developer easier” while Infura ... read more
    Ethereum World News12-04-2018