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Earth Token News:
  • The Cobo Vault Hardware Wallet Will Outlive You
    The arms race between hardware wallet manufacturers is showing no signs of abating. Every new device must be more secure, robust and impregnable than its predecessor to claim the bragging rights and earn the shekels of the crypto rich, to whom nothing but the best will do. The Cobo Vault ... read more
    Bitcoin News11-17-2018
  • [Launch] Planet Crypto – turning the entire map into ERC721 tokens
    The White House Planet Crypto is an Ethereum Blockchain game where you own virtual plots of land. We've split the entire map of Earth into 20m2 plots of land that you are able to own. SUB REDDIT Play NOW submitted by /u/djf773 [link] [comments] ... read more
  • Ethereum Token BAT Crashes Nearly 20% after Listing
    Ethereum token BAT rode the “Coinbase bounce” to a four-month high, but on Friday the cryptocurrency’s price fell back toward earth with a resounding thud. Ethereum Token BAT Leads Market Pullback The crypto market as a whole traded down heading into the weekend, with valuations collectively dropping by $6 billion ... read more
  • Reddit Co-founder: Bear Market is Good for Crypto Innovation
    Alexis Ohanian has spoken about the current state of the cryptocurrency markets. The Reddit co-founder believes that the dwindling prices experienced throughout 2018 are good for the space and will allow those committed to it to work with fewer distractions. Ohanian Silent on Previous Ether Price Call One of cryptocurrency’s ... read more
  • eSports: An Exponentially Expanding Market
    Professional gaming and eSports is a deeply competitive and fiercely dedicated world, one that is receiving a lot of media attention at the moment. It is a market that has been growing at an exponential rate for the past two decades. eSports grew organically out of amateur video game culture, ... read more
  • Spacebit announces the first tokenized VC fund for the space industry
    On October 25, 2018, Spacebit Capital announced the world’s first ever tokenized venture capital fund for the space industry. The announcement was made simultaneously at the World Investment Forum in Geneva and the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai. Making a Greater Leap for Crypto The private space industry is a ... read more