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Market cap: $67,958,197 #80
DigixDAO tokenizes gold on Ethereum, leveraging the Distributed Ledger for its immutability, transparency and auditability by applying it to precious physical assets.
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DigixDAO News:
  • Each DGX represents one gram of gold, could DigixDAO be the new digital gold?
    submitted by /u/katesatoshi [link] [comments] ... read more
  • Is DIGIX offloading 53000 ETH on Gemini?
    I was trying out the new google ethereum explorer tools ( and looked at the Top Transactions From yesterday. The top 3 were: 465,134 ETH TXID: 0x22be9ef74194debad1ca6dbf00b24f45c81726d19e6f29e0d785f294221ef619 463,621 ETH TXID: 0xd3f10defa4f0cdacccc78a7d00a5f05995f8fa6887e0c8c4225e2acfd931e233 53,957 ETH TXID: 0x12c37159428a51299ea854f8794f5b0acbaba04232cddbd3b3d24f9e2af0ead5 53,957 ETH TXID: 0xc43ad8fd01c20d11da869a7bf18dee1482da021a58d202c6f4ed7b152678499e These transactions all look related. It seems like 463,000 ... read more