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Market cap: $34,784,314 #125
DENT will be the global exchange for mobile data where - in the final scale - the world’s mobile data is sold, bought or donated, just like other commodities such as currencies are traded today.
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  • New York Attorney General Barbara D. Underwood releases a report on cryptocurrency markets
    On 18th September, the State of New York Attorney General, Barbara D. Underwood released a report on Virtual Markets Integrity Initiative. According to the report, the initiative was launched with the aim of protecting the investors who are involved in cryptocurrency trading. The report speaks about the exchange platforms which ... read more
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  • Demystifying the $589 XRP Price Prediction by End of 2018
    The cryptocurrency of XRP is more or less on fire in the crypto markets. By fire, we mean that it is doing impressively well having spiked in value on the 18th of September from levels of $0.274 to $0.332 in a time span of less than 5 hours. This is ... read more
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  • PBOC Provides Update on Its Crypto Prevention Efforts
    The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) has issued a statement detailing its efforts to stop and prevent crypto and initial coin offering activities in the country. The bank outlines measures against the widespread of overseas exchanges servicing domestic users such as blocking trading platforms and closing down 3,000 trading accounts. ... read more
    Bitcoin News09-19-2018
  • The Solution Utrum Is Offering
    Leveraging on the blockchain technology, Utrum provides solutions to the cryptocurrency world via: i. Security The blockchain provides a secure platform for those who wish to share information (i.e. contributors) and those who wish to access information (i.e. investors). The information and metrics shared regarding a particular investment opportunity, such ... read more
  • TEAMZ Blockchain Summit bringing brings trusted investors, blockchain projects, exchanges, media platforms, and key figures
    TEAMZ Blockchain Summit is an exclusive blockchain event, which brings trusted investors, latest blockchain projects, major exchanges, well-known media platforms, and key figures from various fields together.It’s the best opportunity to get to know the latest trend of blockchain, integrate top resources and make important contacts in Tokyo from September ... read more
  • Lynked.World Announces Strategic Partnerships With Four Major Organizations in India
    Lynked.World, the blockchain-based technology that allows users to irrefutably verify their personal, educational, and professional backgrounds, has just announced that four elite organizations in India will join dozens of other government and educational intuitions in that country who have adopted the platform. Metal Scrap Trade Corporation Limited (MTSC) and its ... read more