DCRDecred (DCR)
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Market cap: $594,112,197 #26
An open and progressive cryptocurrency with a system of community-based governance integrated into its blockchain.
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Decred News:
  • List of Lightning Network Coins
    Here’s a list of coins that have or will have Lightning Network this year according to the coin’s roadmap. I also outlined some basic stats. I couldn’t find a list of all the Lightning Network coins anywhere, so I decided to create one. Let me know if I’ve missed ... read more
  • Governance
    What are the strongest governance protocols/ implementations in projects that people are aware of? From the top of my head I could only think of Decred and Aragon for strong governance approach, but am sure there are many more, with new and interesting takes. Should BTC and ETH be included, ... read more
  • Chinese Authorities Arrest Twenty Individuals Involved in Cryptojacking Scam
    Twenty individuals have been arrested in connection with a huge cryptojacking scam in the Shandong province of China. Those involved are thought to have successfully hijacked 3.89 million personal computers since 2015. Massive Chinese Cryptojacking Scam Uncovered It’s estimated that the cryptojacking scam netted those involved more than 15 million ... read more
  • One Million Computers Fall Victim To Chinese Cryptojacking Scheme
    China – Legal Daily, a Chinese media news source, recently reported that twenty Chinese suspects have been arrested for apparent ties to an immense cryptojacking campaign. Nine of the suspects are currently under the watchful eye of local authorities, while eleven are on bail. The news source reported that ... read more
    Ethereum World News07-10-2018
  • The Daily: Decentralized Exchanges – New and Hacked, and Some Lost Coins
    In today’s edition of Bitcoin in Brief, we cover two decentralized exchanges – an Irish team that’s launching its Local Token Exchange and the already operating Bancor that has reported a security breach and admitted the loss of $12.5 million worth of coins. Also, hackers in China have mined cryptos ... read more
    Bitcoin News07-10-2018
  • Regarding “Throwback to This Fucking Gem”
    Someone linked to a three year old comment in /r/Bitcoin that stated the following: If successful, bitcoin changes pretty much everything! To understand bitcoin, you have to imagine a world where you can buy without a merchant, bet without a bookie, get insurance without an underwriter, access finance and loans ... read more
  • Another Friday Slide as Crypto Markets Shed $10 Billion
    FOMO Moments Crypto land is falling again; Neo, Tezos, and Bytecoin are all in pain. As another week in crypto land comes to a close markets are bearish once again and all coins are falling. Total market cap has not managed to push above $270 billion and is retreating back ... read more
  • A New Yearly Low Looms as Crypto Markets Continue Bleeding
    FOMO Moments Crypto land is in pain; Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Cardano and Monero are all hurting. The downward pressure has continued as the week draws to a close with markets plummeting further again today. After lulling just below $250 billion for a couple of days crypto markets have taken another ... read more
  • Lisk [LSK], Bitcoin Private [BTCP] and 6 others gather support from Trezor
    Today, Lisk [LSK] announced on Twitter that they have got support from Trezor, a hardware wallet providing security without sacrificing convenience. Earlier, Trezor had also announced that they have expanded coin and token support for Decred [DCR], Bitcoin Private [BTCP], Fujicoin [FJC], Groestlcoin [GRS], Vertcoin [VTC], Viacoin [VIA], and Zcoin [BUZZ]. Lisk’s post ... read more
  • Monero [XMR] – Bitcoin [BTC] atomic swap coming soon, says Atomic Wallet!
    Atomic Wallet, a custody-free multi-assets wallet with a decentralized exchange that supports atomic swaps, have announced that they will be adding support for Monero within 2 weeks. On their official Twitter handle, they said: “Let’s make a bet! We will add @monero to @atomicwallet in two weeks. And for on-chain ... read more