BTMBytom (BTM)
5.04022E-5 BTC
Market cap: $376,889,602 #39
A powerful decentralized reputation platform. Users, services and products can earn reputation through a process called Marking. The act of Marking leaves a pink stain signifying trust and quality.
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Bytom News:
  • Cryptocurrency Trading Update: Stellar (XLM) Defies Market Pullback
    FOMO Moments Crypto land is correcting this morning; top altcoins are Stellar, Cardano, Dogecoin, Bytom and Kin. The bull run has slowed down and a pullback has occurred in crypto land. Markets hit a six week high of a shade below $300 billion before retreating back to around $290 billion ... read more
  • Ethereum Classic [ETC] and Binance¬†Coin [BNB] neck to neck again
    CoinTiger, the Singapore based cryptocurrency exchange recently announced the listing of Ethereum Classic [ETC]. ETC currently stands at the 16th position in terms of market capitalization, ahead of Binance Coin [BNB]. ETC has the price of $15.94 and Binance Coin is at $14.08. Ethereum Classic’s tweet regarding CoinTiger listing | Source: Twitter CoinTiger lists ... read more
  • Cryptocurrency Market Update: Zilliqa (ZIL) Spurts on New Exchange Listing
    FOMO Moments Crypto land is stagnant, a few altcoins are afloat; Zilliqa, Ethereum Classic, Icon and Bytom. Markets have remained stable today, which could be considered a good thing because they haven’t plunged any further. There has been very little momentum in the way of a recovery indicating that further ... read more