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Bitcoin Instant News:

  • Bitcoin SV [BSV] to support a merchant API to enhance instant transactions: nChain Technical Director
    Bitcoin SV has begun to move away from the shadow of Bitcoin Cash, after the hardfork that separated them in November 2018. Steve Shadders, the Technical Director at nChain, which was the primary backer of BSV has announced that the token has big plans for the new year. In the ... read more
  • Bitcoin SV to prioritize scaling and security: nChain’s Steve Shadders
    Bitcoin SV, the two-month-old cryptocurrency is looking to scalability as their prime focus for the future, as confirmed by Steve Shadders, the Technical Director of nChain, a BSV proponent. Shadders shared the same in the Bitstocks Crypto Podcast with David Arakelian, the CTO of Bitstocks, a London-based virtual currency advisory ... read more
  • Review: HTC’s Exodus 1 Is an Impressive Phone With a Basic Crypto Wallet
    After weeks of delays and hundreds of frustrated customer messages in its Telegram channel, HTC finally shipped its “blockchain phone” on Jan. 14. The HTC Exodus 1 promises an array of features for cryptocurrency users, but the manufacturer couldn’t keep its promise to ship the devices in December. With the ... read more
    Bitcoin News01-16-2019
  • Bitcoin [BTC]’s Lightning Network capacity is now worth over $2 million
    Bitcoin’s Lightning Network [LN] is growing faster than expected as the network capacity has increased to a massive 575 BTC worth $2.04 million. Lightning Network was a solution that would help Bitcoin scale and handle all the transactions and new users that were pouring into the Bitcoin buzz. The LN ... read more
  • Venezuelan BCH Proponents Bolster Cryptocurrency Use Cases and Adoption
    In the midst of a severe economic depression and the devaluation of the Venezuelan bolívar, bitcoin cash (BCH) supporters have been teaching people about the benefits of using permissionless cryptocurrencies throughout the country. The BCH meetup in Venezuela has swelled to 349 registered participants and group coordinator Lizbeth Alviarez has ... read more
    Bitcoin News01-14-2019
  • Bitcoin SV [BSV] becomes a sponsor of Dota 2 e-sport event in Thailand
    Bitcoin SV aka Bitcoin Satoshi Vision, the result of the hard fork of Bitcoin Cash [BCH] that happened on November 15, 2018, supported mainly by Calvin Ayre and Craig S Wright, is now a sponsor of an e-sport event in Thailand. As per the tweet by Hivr, which is a ... read more
  • Bitcoin (BTC) Whales Breach: Crypto Market Tumult Ahead?
    Bitcoin (BTC) Long-Term Holders Rise Are Rising From Their Slumber Like the ocean, whales rule the proverbial Bitcoin (BTC) sea. Crypto’s blue whales, who hold millions, if not billions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies, can instantly change this nascent ecosystem, whether it be through issuing orders or moving large sums ... read more
    Ethereum World News01-12-2019
  • Japanese Bitcoin [BTC] miners migrate to Mongolia for cheaper electricity
    Bitcoin mining is what secures the Bitcoin network and pay the miners to keep mining. Switzerland and other cold countries with cheap electricity are the main targets for such miners, and now Mongolia is attracting Japanese miners for Bitcoin mining. Tokyo-based e-wallet company Ginco has now set up shops in ... read more
  • How to Buy Bitcoin Instantly with Credit Card | 2019 Guide
    Whether you believe in the Bitcoin’s future success or not, owning some nowadays makes a lot of sense, especially if you are a die-hard trader or a massive crypto enthusiast. Thanks to the massive number of good cryptocurrency exchanges out there, getting your hands on some Bitcoins is very straightforward, ... read more
  • Blockchain Gaming Crypto Use Cases
    I've been long burnt by ICOs & fake whitepaper projects promising the world but running out of runway and disappearing, exit scamming or both. However, to me, the way forward has to lie in sound fundamentals beyond wanton speculation. I think this is really important and as the tech ... read more