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Bank Coin News:
  • Ripple Determined to Expand Its Business to China
    Ripple is one of the most controversial companies on the crypto sphere. Its business philosophy, as well as the programming behind its blockchain solutions, have generated an intense debate in the crypto community sparking highly antagonistic opinions about its image. The company, whose growth has allowed it to manage the ... read more
    Ethereum World News08-19-2018
  • India Bitconnect Head Arrested
    Alleged India Bitconnect head, Divyesh Darji, was arrested this week at a airport in Delhi as he arrived from Dubai. He and conspirators are accused of bilking millions of dollars (Rs 88,000 crore) from Indian investors seeking to find financial refuge during the government’s demonetization campaign. Also read: Report: 15,000 ... read more
    Bitcoin News08-19-2018
  • Bitcoin & XRP: How this Indian government employee made over $150K from $7000 investment
    The human interest stories related to cryptocurrencies and their meteoric rise have faded over time. This is a story of “stupidity”, love and money, a story that has been hidden for many months, fearing the government’s wrath, especially after India’s stance against cryptocurrencies. During early February, AMBCrypto had written an ... read more
  • Binance (BNB) Teams Up With Nexo (NEXO) To Kill Traditional Bank Loan
    Nexo (NEXO) has made known it has teamed up with Binance (BNB) to disrupt the traditional bank loan system with its newest invention. At the moment, Nexo now accepts Binance coin as collateral for minimum instant loans of $1,000, creating joy in the hearts of BNB lovers. Nexo Twitted: “Nexo ... read more
    Ethereum World News08-19-2018
  • South African Tax Authority Going After Crypto Traders
    The South African Revenue Service is working to improve the tracking of cryptocurrency traders and their transactions in order to verify if they are paying taxes. According to its Commissioner, the agency is exploring ways to better identify those that are profiting from trading digital assets and check if they ... read more
    Bitcoin News08-19-2018
  • Prolific Bitcoin Dealer ‘Blew a Giant Hole’ Through US Legal Framework
    A Mexico-based “prolific bitcoin dealer” has been indicted and held without bond in the US on a number of international money laundering charges. He used Bitfinex for his exchange needs after Coinbase closed his account. His “activities ‘blew a giant hole’ through the legal framework of U.S. anti-money laundering laws,” ... read more
    Bitcoin News08-19-2018
  • Wall Street Demand For Crypto Rises as Exchange Activity Thrives in Bear Market
    The interest of Wall Street firms towards opportunities in crypto custody and asset management has continued to increase despite the 80 percent correction the market experienced in 2018. Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. analysts refuted recent reports about the struggle of cryptocurrency exchanges and stated that digital asset trading platforms ... read more
  • The Weekly: McAfee’s Doomed Wallet, Altcoin Panic, Binance Launches Fiat-to-Crypto
    In this week’s daily editions of Bitcoin in Brief we reported on McAfee’s “Doomed” wallet, a panic in the altcoin markets, Binance’s new fiat-to-crypto platform in Liechtenstein and much more. The most commented-on article during the week covered a situation in the UK, where banks are targeting cryptocurrency owners – having ... read more
    Bitcoin News08-19-2018
  • To those who think the decline of the Lira will boost the bitcoin price
    You're probably right, but mostly in the long run. At the end of 2015 my nation's currency, the South African Rand, lost 30% of its value in a week. That's when I first bought bitcoin - as a hedge against sovereign fiat collapse. I had value at stake, so I ... read more
  • [AMA] Randy Brito here from, what we’ve been doing and why we might need your help
    Hello all here, I am Randy Brito (aka @btcven), a Venezuelan whose family moved to Spain in 2004 due to the worsening situation and persecution on the middle class. I learned about Bitcoin in 2011 and read a lot about it here and at (and learned about Libertarianism too ... read more