Bank Coin (BANK)
2.1807E-6 BTC
Market cap: $87,315 #1136
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  • You Can Now Sip Cappuccino And Pay In Cryptos In Over 130 Coffee Shops In Europe- Cyclebit Is About To Make Cryptos Very Popular
    It’s a fact that shopping using cryptocurrencies at this stage in their financial market revolution isn’t much of a rosy affair. It can be frustrating sometimes, especially given that cryptos are yet to go mainstream or to be accepted as credible means of payment by all business establishments. However, a ... read more
    Ethereum World News10-21-2018
  • Own Market ($CHX). ICOs, platforms, PoW, privacy coins.. Next hottest trend in the space is Security Tokens (STOs). See Polymath and Raven for recent examples. This one has been quiet since its ICO and is starting to gain some spotlight because of its low marketcap (currently $3.5m). They just released the ... read more
  • Markets Update: A Narrowing Range of Consolidation and Lower Trade Volumes
    Not a lot has changed since our last markets update four days ago as cryptocurrency markets continue moving sideways in a consolidated pattern. The top five digital assets have seen modest northbound gains this week, with increases between 1-5% over the last seven days. This Sunday, Oct. 21, the entire ... read more
    Bitcoin News10-21-2018
  • One currency for all?
    I am new to crypto, just wanted to ask something I don't understand. Why make saparated coins for bank transfers, for advertising, for games etc? Why can't one good cryptocurrency be used for everything? submitted by /u/ObjectiveDark [link] [comments] ... read more
  • Bank of Japan: Central Bank-Issued Digital Currencies Are Not an Effective Economic Tool
    The Bank of Japan’s deputy governor believes that central bank-issued digital currencies cannot be economic tools, since fiat currency is still popular ... read more
  • Celebrity ICO Endorsers Face Legal Blowback Over Alleged Fraud
    Boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather and rap producer DJ Khaled face a legal battle for serving as celebrity endorsers to an initial coin offering (ICO) accused of fraud. The founders of the allegedly fraudulent ICO were arrested by American criminal authorities back in April. Also Read: The Daily: Goldman Sachs Invests ... read more
    Bitcoin News10-21-2018
  • r/cc adamantly preaches the benefits of banks now?
    I just scrolled through the "nerds brought you the internet, banks brought you the great depression post" ( and, to my horror, the top voted comment was a comment describing how banks have brought people out of "abject poverty" and "continue to improve the lives of countless people." lol. Rightfully ... read more
  • We must be ready for the final battle!
    Forget the institutional money hype! The financial industry is obviously not interested in the longterm success of Bitcoin as public money. why would they, except for some immense profits they can make for a while? The next financial crisis will be money related again and might bring their final trump ... read more
  • 3Days left to AMO coin to be list on LBANK
    AMO builds upon a broad range of technical and practical knowhow, from connected car software and electric vehicle charging systems to machine learning and international IoT guidelines. AMO team originally announced that there will be total of three listings throughout this years. AMO team has made considerable efforts to list ... read more
  • World’s Biggest Banks Helped Clients Steal $63 Billion in Taxes in Europe
    Europe’s top banks allegedly helped wealthy clients across the continent steal 55 billion euros ($63 billion) from multiple governments by making tax reclaims to which they were not entitled, an investigation has revealed. The theft centred around a complex scheme of trading stocks that also involved hedge funds and large ... read more
    Bitcoin News10-21-2018