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Open source, decentralized ledger for trading on the high seas! Featuring the rare HMQ1725 algorithm, CPU/GPU mining, encrypted messaging, and more!
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BOAT News:
  • Help me find a project on Ethereum; can’t remember the name!
    I can't remember where I listened to this project, but I remember a few key details that should be enough to trigger other peoples memory. This project was about using Ethereum to store peoples DNA data on Ethereum. Addresses would be the owner of the DNA data, rather than ... read more
  • Guys, there are endless ways to make money. Why limit yourself? Diversify.
    Traditional markets lead the way. - The stock market and BTC are highly correlated, just overlay the charts and see for yourself. Why is this? Think about it logically. Lets say you need cash because you just got laid off, the economy is in rough shape. Your going to sell ... read more
  • John McAfee And Skycoin (SKY): Guns, Drugs, Steaks, Booze, Tattoos, and an Unconscious Dev Team
    ​ John McAfee and Skycoin (SKY) have a spectacularly strange relationship. Skycoin (SKY) is unique since it uses the Obelisk consensus algorithm instead of PoW or PoS. It also has native CoinJoin for highly anonymous transactions as well as built-in torrenting style peer to peer downloads ... read more
  • Ethereum (ETH) Futures Rumors Mount, As CBOE’s Bitcoin Foray Turns One
    CBOE’s Bitcoin Foray Turns One As noted by Tom Hearden, a senior trader at Skylands Capital, subsequently relayed through MarketWatch, one year and one day ago, the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE Global Markets) made history, becoming one of the first financial institutions to launch a fully-fledged Bitcoin (BTC) product. ... read more
    Ethereum World News12-12-2018
  • British Lawmaker Proposes Tax and Utility Bill Payments in Bitcoin
    U.K. lawmaker Eddie Hughes has proposed that taxpayers should have the option to pay council tax and utility bills in cryptocurrencies such as BTC. The 50 year-old conservative legislator for the Walsall North constituency said the move would place the country at the forefront of digital currency adoption in Europe. ... read more
    Bitcoin News12-11-2018
  • Only Five Bitcoin Mining Devices Released in 2018 Are Profitable This December
    There has been a slew of bitcoin mining rigs announced during the last 12 months that claim to process more terahash per second while consuming less energy. However, with cryptocurrency prices so low, lots of newly launched machines are not profitable and many of them haven’t even shipped yet. Also ... read more
    Bitcoin News12-10-2018
  • UK Member of Parliament: MPs Have a Duty to Understand Crypto
    A member of UK parliament and self-confessed cryptocurrency enthusiast has spoken in favour of the fintech innovation. Eddie Hughes, MP, believes embracing the technology could help Britain thrive in the wake of Brexit and that the public should be able to pay their taxes using Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency Could Help the ... read more
  • Eight Reasons to Use Cryptocurrency Payments in 2019
    This article on cryptocurrency payments was written by Thomas Highwater, who is an avid fan of all things crypto-related. Mr. Highwater teaches high-school level robotics and programming. *** While there is a growing number of fiat based-payment processors with a variety of practical tools and methods of payment, adding cryptocurrency ... read more
    Bitcoin News12-09-2018
  • Bitcoin Address Illuminates Amsterdam’s Lights Festival
    Residents of the Herengracht, one of Amsterdam’s most famous canalside streets, have been confronted by a curious combination of illuminated letters and numbers. The large 34-character display has provoked curiosity and more than a little confusion. Part of Amsterdam Light Festival, the gaudy installation is in fact a bitcoin address ... read more
    Bitcoin News12-07-2018
  • Tim Draper Doubles Down On $250,000 Bitcoin (BTC) Prediction, Cites Global Adoption
    “All Times Are Good Times To Enter The Crypto Market” Tim Draper, a legendary venture capitalist based in Silicon Valley, has long been a believer in Bitcoin (BTC), reportedly buying boatloads of the asset (a reported 40,000 coins) in 2014. And even while BTC has exploded in value since ... read more
    Ethereum World News12-05-2018