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  • AiBB: The Modern AI Trading tool
    AiBB is a modern trading bot with artificial intelligence support. In this case, the use of artificial intelligence is dictated by the desire of developers to provide their customers with a quality tool for market analysis. Now it will be really easy to invest in promising cryptocurrencies and other projects. ... read more
  • Bitcoin “Isn’t Boring”: Bloomberg Analyst Makes $1,500 BTC Call
    Crypto Investor On Bitcoin: “I Didn’t Sleep Well Last Night” “Bitcoin [is] no longer boring,” declared Bloomberg analysts/journalists Vildana Hajric and Olga Kharif in a recent piece on the crypto market. And, taking a look at the current state of cryptocurrency prices, it would appear that this is the case… ... read more
    Ethereum World News11-17-2018
  • ICO — Token Sale
    Homepage OPP Open WiFi Go to the profile of OPP Open WiFi OPP Open WiFi Our mission is to expand our WiFi community starting with the UK then Europe and across the world with a view of creating a free open network for anybody to use Oct 30 icoOPP Open ... read more
  • Bitcoin [BTC] has “too much brainpower, research, adoption and money” to fail: Monero [XMR]’s Fluffypony
    As the Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hash war ensues, the Bitcoin [BTC] community is becoming increasingly known as being toxic. Known as the Bitcoin maximalists, these individuals are beginning to take over the safe space of many individuals in the cryptocurrency space, as mentioned by WhalePanda, a crypto-influencer. Speaking on the ... read more
  • Crimea to Set Up Blockchain University to Help Countries Evade U.S. Sanctions
    Crimea, a disputed territory between Ukraine and Russia, is heading towards the creation of an international center for blockchain technology. Authorities in the Crimean Peninsula regard blockchain technology as a solution for states under international sanctions. Crimea was annexed by the Russian Federation in 2014 following a coup d’etat in ... read more
  • Are You Bothered by Shallow Project Reviews?
    Those who want to support the blockchain community must call out the sarcasm and half-truths of shallow reviews. Or should we even bother about this issue? Journalistic freedom (or freedom of expression and its corollaries, press freedom and freedom of information) is both a right and a responsibility. If you ... read more
  • Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork: Hashwar Continues, ABC and SV Remain At Odds
    The Hashwar: The Block Gap Starts To Close Now that November 15th has passed, all eyes have been glued to Crypto Twitter and websites regarding the Bitcoin Cash contentious hard fork/network upgrade, as it has yet to be determined whether Roger Ver, Jihan Wu, and their compatriots (Bitcoin ABC) have ... read more
    Ethereum World News11-17-2018
  • Fundstrat’s Tom Lee Slices Bitcoin Price Prediction To $15k
    Tom Lee Cuts $10,000 Off EOY Bitcoin Price Forecast Per an article from CNBC, Tom Lee, Bitcoin’s inside man at Fundstrat Global Advisors, recently lowered his Bitcoin (BTC) price prediction by $10,000, claiming that this industry’s foremost asset will only hit $15,000 by year’s end, not $25,000 as he has ... read more
    Ethereum World News11-16-2018
  • blockchain will grow to $38 billion by 2021?
    These days, there’s a lot of interest surrounding blockchain, but mostly in the context of cryptocurrency. However, the power of the blockchain extends far beyond its roots in the financial world. Blockchain technology represents a fundamentally new way to transact business. It ushers in a robust and smart next generation ... read more
  • SEC Takes Down Two Crypto Startups for Illegal ICOs
    Dutiful CCN readers may recall this journalist’s questioning of the Paragon ICO over a year ago. Paragon responded to that article with legal threats, as noted in the author’s subsequent analysis of the initial coin offering in question. Now that some time has gone by, and the whole market capitalization ... read more